Top Career Options After You Study International Affairs in Italy

January 17, 2022
Student during a job interview at the John Cabot University Career Fair

Students looking to become global citizens and make the world a better place are the perfect candidates for an International Affairs program. This program offers graduates the opportunity to pursue a wide range of roles on a global scale, based on their specific interests, strengths, and goals. 

The world today is highly connected through various governments that require high-level support in order to maintain diplomatic relationships. At John Cabot University, our Department of Political Science and International Affairs is one of the most distinguished departments and programs in Europe. International Affairs graduates can work in a range of career fields in the commercial, public, and charity sectors. Read on to learn more about the career opportunities for graduates of this program.


Work With Global Development Organizations

Education in international affairs will give you the foundation to explore job opportunities with global development organizations. This multidisciplinary field of global development focuses on building capacity and implementing long-term solutions to issues that individuals, communities, or governments are facing around the world. 

JCU incorporates a curriculum strong in global justice, public policy, European institutions, religion and politics, peace and conflict resolution studies, human rights, and global political theory. When you choose to study abroad in Italy, you will benefit from both skill-based and theory-driven academic processes that allow students to develop practical skills while engaging with the type of work they may be doing upon graduation. With the city of Rome home to a thick hub of international institutions, organizations, and diplomats, students experience an unparalleled historical, cultural, and political history.


Jan 6 study abroad

Work with global development organizations after studying International Affairs


Claim a Role in Diplomacy and Foreign Service After You Study Abroad

At JCU, we are dedicated to providing an outstanding interdisciplinary curriculum, as well as multiple opportunities for students to connect with experts and professionals in their desired field. Faculty and staff actively promote hands-on learning about global politics and international affairs both inside and outside the classroom to foster a well-rounded understanding. 

When you choose to study abroad at JCU, you can pursue either a major or a minor in International Relations, giving you options to pair your studies with related fields, such as Political Science. If you go on to choose a role in diplomacy and foreign service, it will allow you to provide interpretations and negotiations on global issues using a trained eye and a deep understanding of the inner workings of international relationships. 


Jan 6 study International Affairs in Italy

Study abroad at JCU in our International Affairs program to pursue a career in diplomacy and foreign services


Discover Jobs in Global Service and Advocacy

If you are thinking about starting the International Affairs program at JCU, you may be interested in a career in global service advocacy. Global advocates join a worldwide network of organizations and individuals that advocate for community-led change. They can be leaders of change as they work together to represent countries and build a more inclusive world.

Students will thrive with the transformative educational techniques at JCU, where we believe that excellent scholarship and excellent teaching reinforce each other. To exemplify this, our experienced instructors involve our students in many of their research and professional endeavors, exposing them to as many real-world experiences as they can. When you study at JCU, you will confidently enter the workforce with a breadth of knowledge, ready to succeed.



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