Why a Business Administration Degree Is Worth Pursuing When You Study Abroad in Italy

March 9, 2021

For students who want to become impactful business leaders after graduation, a BA in Business Administration at John Cabot University (JCU) is an ideal place to start. Learning about the field from both a theoretical and practical standpoint, Business Administration students are educated alongside classmates from various cultures and walks of life. Students can also learn in an interactive setting through classroom discussions, as well as enhance their business acumen through the completion of reports and projects. Taking this program in Italy at JCU provides students with a combination of an American-style education and a globally-focused approach to business.

The Educational Experience You Receive Is Truly Dynamic

Aside from learning in a multicultural environment, there are many other benefits to be found while pursuing a Bachelor in Business Administration at JCU. Class sizes are small, and courses in this program are designed to encourage in-class dialogue and collaboration. Program faculty consists of highly-regarded scholars and business people, and business professionals are also invited to speak to students. Students are taught about the craft through in-class discussion with peers and professors as well as through more personalized, one-on-one attention from professors.


You Can Take Classes and Electives That Elevate Your Business Knowledge

Students in a Business Administration program should have a comprehensive selection of courses to choose from. These can include classes on business communications, public relations, leadership, financial and managerial accounting, and operations management. In JCU’s program, students take Strategic Management at the end of their degree. This is a capstone course where they examine a struggling company and strategize how they’re going to turn their fortunes around. Students attending our American university in Italy are also required to take electives in other departments while in our Business Administration program. They can choose from disciplines like law, finance, and economics, each of which can be taken to sharpen skills and instincts that can benefit them in the business world.

Our American University in Italy Offers Professional Development Opportunities

Any Business Administration degree program should be one that emphasizes the ability for students to develop themselves as business professionals before they even finish their degree. In addition, JCU's Institute for Entrepreneurship provides a world-class entrepreneurial education, instilling a strong sense of social responsibility, and building an international network of researchers, practitioners, and leading innovation hubs. This type of program should equip them with the skills they need to find work in business consulting, entrepreneurship, non-profit organizations, start-ups, and eventually as managers of major enterprises.

As a result of our collaboration with JCU’s Institute for Entrepreneurship and Center for Career Services, students wanting to study in Italy to learn how to kickstart a career in Business Administration have various professional development opportunities to take advantage of. Among the options available to students, there are internships (a common career springboard for JCU students), real-world consulting projects, and membership in one of JCU's student-led clubs such as the Marketing Club, ENACTUS, or the Business Club.

Looking to study business administration at an American college in RomeContact John Cabot University's Admissions Office at admissions@johncabot.edu today to find out more!

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