Expand Your Career Path When You Study Political Science in Italy

December 22, 2021
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Political Science is an interdisciplinary field that teaches students how politics permeates almost every aspect of modern life, from culture to business to international affairs. At its core, it’s the study of how leaders handle power and how institutions are run. Above all though, it’s a lesson in critical thinking and how to engage with our world as responsible and active citizens. 

Political Science students at John Cabot University bring their own ideas and ambitions to the classroom as they explore new avenues in the field. Hands-on learning from expert instructors provides students with a solid foundation in global politics and international affairs, which they can apply to a variety of careers. Combined with the experience of studying abroad - exposing you to a world of new people and perspectives - the study of political science prepares you to navigate an ever-changing world. Here’s a closer look at the opportunities that await!


Discover Paths Beyond Politics

A common misconception is that political science only prepares you to get involved in politics. In fact, the opposite is the case. While many students see politics as their passion, a greater number branch into other rewarding career paths. The reason for this? Political science offers the kind of training you need for careers in personnel, marketing, finance, public relations, international affairs, and more. Students develop a strong understanding of the social, cultural, and political economy that industries today are operating in. Additionally, they have the advantage of learning about government policies and regulations, which is increasingly valuable in today’s business world. 

When you study political science in Italy at JCU, you’ll delve into American, European, and international politics, as well as global public policy, human rights, peace and conflict studies, and global political theory. With a comprehensive curriculum offered at John Cabot University, students will be ready for the field of their choice.


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The curriculum at JCU gives students an insight into American, European, and international politics


Transform Your Skillset 

Employers today are seeking professionals who demonstrate curiosity about the world around them and the soft skills to engage with it. A Political Science degree has a strong emphasis on marketable skills. Students develop a keen analytical mind while examining political structures - a skill that be can be used to evaluate the operations of almost any company. They learn how to perform focused research, come up with new ideas based on theories, and apply innovative strategies. 

People skills are another area of focus in Political Science. Students learn to communicate clearly, negotiate successfully, and implement action plans. For leadership roles in any industry, these are essential skills. Whatever your career ambitions, future employers will be looking for candidates who can apply their knowledge to bring new and innovative ideas to the table. By studying the practice of leadership in our world, you can hone your own skills in that department. 


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Study Political Science in Italy to hone your communication and analytical skills


Find Professional Opportunities When You Study Abroad in Rome

When you study abroad in Rome, you can take advantage of the resources offered by the Political Science and International Affairs department at JCU. Political Science students regularly take on internships with international organizations based in Rome, including the World Food Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization. Here, you can gain professional work experience and explore the possible career paths open to you after graduation. JCU graduate Joseph Astrella went on to work at the Food and Agricultural Organization in Rome after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He currently works as an Operating Officer in South Sudan. “I immediately started at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as an intern and not long thereafter I became a consultant,” says Joe. “My interests started moving more towards foreign policy and international security, so I decided to pursue a master’s in Brussels, which has since opened up a new realm of opportunities.”

Students can also learn from the many academic conferences held at JCU through the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs. These include events, discussions, and lectures, with exciting opportunities to interact with prominent visitors from other universities, as well as journalists, statesmen, and policymakers. With exposure to the endless possibilities in the arena of political science, John Cabot students can find their own passions.



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