What to Expect from Community Service at Our University in Rome

February 24, 2023
Students participating in Community Service at JCU

At JCU, we pride ourselves on our community outreach. We make it a priority to help students become responsible, proactive global citizens, and we provide them with the tools they need to accomplish this. If you’re considering JCU for your studies, you may be wondering what it might be like to get involved in the local community, who’s behind our outreach activities, and how you can participate. Read on to find out what our Director of Community Service, Julia Del Papa, has to say about our community service missions, and learn how you can start giving back today. 


The Community Service Mission at JCU

Our community service department encourages students and staff alike to explore and respect the diverse realities around us. Our Community Service Program aims to educate students on ways to empower those in need while they start their self-development journey through the many volunteer opportunities they have access to. Other community service objectives include nurturing a sense of social responsibility and increasing the understanding of the issues pertinent to the institutions students seek to work with in the future. 

Director of Community Service, Religious Life and Multiculturalism, Julia Del Papa, leads community outreach activities here at John Cabot University. Rarely found in her office, she is most often volunteering with students and interacting with community members. She brings her valuable experience in the social work field to JCU’s community service program, focusing on outreach activities that seek to help and empower marginalized people. “We are always working with marginalized communities – human beings who have needs and have had terrible things happen in their lives,” she explains. Having been raised here in Rome and benefiting greatly from what the community offers, Julia seeks to give back. Those attending university in Rome can benefit significantly from doing the same.


How Community Service Helps Our International Students in Italy

Not only will you have the opportunity to serve those in need, but getting involved in community service provides a valuable opportunity to experience personal and professional growth. Volunteering in the local community will teach you about what people need. You’ll also learn how to recognize discrepancies in resources among different members of the community. This will likely compel you to think more critically about the world around you and actively seek ways to provide people with the help they need through volunteer work and throughout your career. You will also be encouraged to connect with community members and enter constructive relationships. Julia Del Papa says: “I see relationships as a continuous exchange.” When you study abroad in Italy with us, you’ll receive ample opportunities to enjoy the give-and-take of effective community support.



Community service at our university in Rome encourages students to learn about the world and become active participants in its improvement


Getting Involved in Community Service When You Study Abroad in Italy

Our community service program provides multiple opportunities for students to get involved in volunteer work. For instance, from Monday to Thursday, students can sign up to serve breakfast to those in need in partnership with organizations like VORECO and Tuttoblue Arte e Sociale. Through the community service program, students can win awards, such as the Service Honor Cord, for those who demonstrate outstanding commitment to community service. In addition, students who dedicate at least 15 hours of community service to any of our affiliate organizations and attend a minimum of two humanitarian-related lectures, workshops, or seminars can earn a certificate of participation, which they can add to their international resumes. 



International students in Italy give back by taking part in breakfast service every week from Monday to Thursday


To make the most of your community service experience, Julia Del Papa mentions the importance of showing the extra care, being extra kind.Take the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Start by signing up for our breakfast service program on Mondays through Thursdays. 


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