Seeking a Master’s in International Affairs? What Sets Us Apart

March 20, 2024
A professor teaching students in a classroom at John Cabot University.

When asked about their career goals, many university students cite making a positive impact on the world as a priority. This is a noble vocational aspiration, but you may wonder how it can be achieved with tangible results.

The field of international affairs has a broad purpose within society that involves global decision-making, the maintenance of peace and harmony between states, and the protection of human rights. If you’re looking for a graduate degree that will prepare you to make a meaningful impact on the world, consider a Master of Arts (MA) in International Affairs.

Professor Micheal Driessen explains the demand for international affairs skills in the workforce: “We’re going to need a lot of people working hard to get us out of that international crisis–people who understand the dynamics of international relations, how states work, how they're built, how to manage conflict, how to deal with human rights,” Does this sound appealing to you? Explore our program and the unique benefits it offers to students. 


Receive Instruction and Mentorship From a Highly Specialized Faculty

Pursuing a Master of Arts in International Affairs at John Cabot University offers a unique opportunity for students aiming to excel in global affairs, starting their careers equipped with solid connections in the industry. A distinguished faculty with rich professional experience teaches this program. The International Affairs faculty at John Cabot University is a distinguished assembly of scholars and practitioners deeply embedded in global policymaking.


A class of John Cabot students talking outside on a park bench.Make use of a dynamic learning environment when you study International Affairs in Rome


They hail from various national backgrounds and boast impressive academic and professional credentials, including PhDs from leading global institutions and significant experience in international affairs, law, and political science. The faculty's expertise spans a broad spectrum of areas, including the politics of Europe, the United States, and the Mediterranean; human rights and international law; democracy and development; and diplomacy, international relations, and security governance.

JCU's faculty members remain active contributors to their fields, serving in advisory capacities to major international organizations and policy-making bodies such as the United Nations, the European Union, and the US State Department, among others.


Learn About Pressing Global Issues in a Diverse, Multicultural Environment

Benefit from a dynamic, multicultural learning environment with small class sizes when you earn a Master’s in International Affairs from JCU. Our location in Rome, a city steeped in political history and a hub for international diplomacy, allows students to immerse themselves in a setting where European, Mediterranean, and Atlantic worlds converge.

Earning a Master's in International Affairs in a diverse, multicultural environment is an invaluable experience that prepares students for the complexities and nuances of global politics, diplomacy, and international relations. Such an environment equips students with well-developed intercultural communication skills, more networking opportunities, cultural sensitivity, and the chance to pursue global career opportunities upon graduation.


Enjoy Plenty of Active Learning Opportunities When You Study International Affairs in Rome

When you study International Affairs in Rome, the dynamic environment is complemented by our hands-on approach to learning, which includes professional internships and courses that prepare students for real-world policy challenges. You’ll be equipped with a wide range of active learning activities, the foundation for an impactful career in international policy-making, leveraging Rome’s rich tapestry of global policy networks and our connections with a vast network of organizations in the field.


A John Cabot student researching his computer in a shared room.Use a variety of research methods when you study International Affairs in Rome


In addition, students are encouraged to seek a research assistantship to collaborate with a professor directly. Professors at JCU act as mentors to students and are always available to discuss ideas, answer questions, alleviate concerns, and offer expert advice. 


Are you ready to earn an MA in International Affairs at John Cabot University?

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