Benefits of Learning Another Language While Attending University in Italy

April 30, 2021
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In today’s globalized world, there are many advantages to learning a new language. Businesses are placing increased value on those who can communicate in multiple languages. That’s why speaking more than one language can enhance one’s ability to communicate and make connections with people around the world. If you’re planning to study abroad in Italy this semester, this can be a great opportunity to learn another language. 

By enrolling in Italian courses at John Cabot University, you can learn Italian while being immersed in Italian culture, providing unlimited opportunities to practice your skills and improve your ability to converse. If that isn’t enough to convince you, here are some additional benefits of taking Italian courses during your time abroad. 


Make Connections Abroad By Learning Another Language at John Cabot University

Learning a new language can increase your ability to connect with people of different cultures. Not understanding a language can be a significant barrier to communication, and learning the language of another culture is one of the most effective ways to bridge cultural gaps and become open to new perspectives and ways of life. In a study published in The Modern Language Journal, researchers Nguyen and Kellogg show that learning a foreign language can teach us to move past our potential stereotypes and initial understandings, enabling us to form a deeper, more informed understanding of another culture’s respective ways of thinking and behaving. 

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Learning a new language can improve our ability to connect with people of different cultures.

While taking Italian courses at John Cabot University, you’ll have an opportunity to see firsthand the potential of a foreign language to increase connection and communication. Immerse yourself in Italian culture by practicing the language with locals you encounter during your time in Rome. Your study abroad experience will be all the more meaningful when you can use your Italian skills to make connections while developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for Italian culture and customs.


Improve Your Cognitive Capabilities

This may come as a surprise, but learning a new language is actually a great way to boost your cognitive capabilities and sharpen your mind. When we learn a new language, the parts of our brain responsible for filtering information and solving problems work harder and more efficiently. Learning a new language has also been proven to be a great way to enhance your memory, boosting your brain’s ability to retain information through memorization of new vocabulary, grammar, and language rules. Studies have also shown that learning a new language improves our decision-making skills, as people who speak another language have been shown to be more receptive to the complexities and nuances of a situation at hand, making a more informed decision. 

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Studies show that our brains work better when we learn a new language.

In addition to the many cognitive benefits of learning a new language, Oxford University Press found that learning a new language can improve our ability to speak and comprehend our native language. When we learn the grammatical rules of another language, we gain a greater awareness of the complexities of our own language through our natural tendency to compare the two languages as we learn. This awareness serves to make us better at communicating in our own language by forcing us to think actively about the words we speak and write on a daily basis. 


Enhance Your Career Opportunities

Although learning a second language while at university in Italy can enhance your study abroad experience, you’ll also discover that there are some benefits when it comes to your career. For instance, professionals who are able to speak two languages are some of the most sought-after candidates in today’s job market. Knowing a second language gives you a competitive edge when applying for jobs, especially in the globalized environment in which business takes place today. Between 2010 and 2015, the demand for bilingual workers more than doubled within the United States, and MIT economist Albert Saiz has discovered that college graduates who speak more than one language make an average of 2% more than those who only speak one. 

Not only will learning another language increase your chances of becoming employed, but it will also expand the career opportunities available to you. There are many fields in which knowing another language comes in handy. By knowing two or more languages, you may be eligible for work in international organizations, translation, immigration services, and more. 


Are you ready to learn another language while studying abroad?

JCU’s American University in Italy has the program for you. Explore your options today!

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