How Studying Abroad in Rome Can Prepare You for a Global Career

April 1, 2019

study abroad Rome

If you’ve ever dreamed of someday having the kind of job that allows you to travel, explore, and see the world, then signing up to study abroad in Rome could be a great first step toward that goal.

Global careers are competitive, requiring a certain set of qualities, skills, and experiences to help you stand out from the crowd and convince potential employers that you’re the right fit. Businesses hiring employees for global positions – whether in sales, tourism, consulting, or any other industry – want to know that you’re comfortable and confident in international settings, and that you can speak to people across different cultures and language groups. On top of these requirements, you also need to be able to hear about and access these jobs in the first place.

Gain International Experience with a Study Abroad Program

In a global career, you’ll be expected to adapt quickly to new places, and to communicate with people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. This is why anyone dreaming of a global career will need to build up their international experience in order to prove to potential employers that they have the skills, knowledge, and personal qualities needed to thrive in any locale. Study abroad programs are a great opportunity to do just this.

With study abroad experience on your resume, you can show potential employers that you are capable of adapting to a new environment and culture, and that you’re comfortable and confident with international travel.

A study abroad program gives you valuable international and inter-cultural experience A study abroad program gives you valuable international and inter-cultural experience

Learning a Second Language Can Help You Access Global Job Opportunities

A study abroad program is also an excellent opportunity to develop your skills speaking a second language. Learning Italian with a study abroad program in Rome, for example, will give you a valuable skill when applying for jobs with businesses that have customers in the Italian market, do business with other Italian suppliers or partners, or are interested in expanding their reach into southern Europe. It also shows employers hiring for global positions that you have an aptitude for learning new languages, which could be beneficial even if Italian itself doesn’t figure prominently in their business plans.

Build an International Network When You Study Abroad

In order to impress potential employers with your Italian fluency and international experience, it helps to have an international network of contacts to hear about and gain access to different international job opportunities. A study abroad program in Italy can be a great opportunity to start building your international network, making connections with other globally oriented students in your program, as well as locals in Italy, and others that you might meet on weekend trips to nearby France, Switzerland, or Austria. As your friends from study abroad continue to travel and begin to build global careers of their own, your international network can become an invaluable source of new leads for global positions.

Start building your global network with a study abroad program in Italy Start building your global network with a study abroad program in Italy

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