Choosing Where to Study Abroad: Why Rome

April 30, 2020

Making the decision to study abroad is an exciting one—and where better to do it than Rome? Studying in a city so rich in both history and culture makes for an unforgettable experience, and that is exactly what the Eternal City offers study abroad students. Between its breathtaking architecture and exhilarating atmosphere, Rome is an ideal place for international students on a number of levels.

There are so many countries and cities to choose from, and deciding where to study abroad can be difficult. Rome, however, has something to offer any and every incoming student, and there are many advantages to choosing Italy as the backdrop for this thrilling chapter of your educational adventure. Here’s why Rome is an ideal study abroad destination.

To Study in Rome is to Study in a Historical and Cultural Hotbed

In many ways, Rome is a living museum in the form of a major city. This is not only because of the millenia of history and tradition behind it, but also because of the city’s landmarks and being a national and European capital. Home to a significant portion of Italy’s 55 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Rome is known the world over for its cobbles toned streets, piazzas, many museums (featuring some of the most iconic paintings in history), and hundreds of churches. Of course, there’s also the Colosseum and the Pantheon worth mentioning, too.

Rome is also known for its status as an important European hub, as it is home to a number of government agencies, international organizations, and business headquarters. Better yet, Rome’s cultural reputation with fashion, cuisine, and festivals makes it appealing to just about anyone!

Studying in the Eternal City also allows students to visit other cities in Italy and Europe on weekends via train or plane, adding a whole new layer of excitement and fun to the adventure.


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You Can Fully Immerse Yourself in Italian Culture

Aside from its art, history, and landmarks, Rome also offers students the chance to assimilate themselves into Italy’s culture and customs. This is a great opportunity for students whose ancestors came from Italy or for anyone who grew up loving Italian cinema!

There is a certain feeling that life in Italy has that you can only experience when you spend an extended time here. You have definitely seen its essence portrayed before on the big screen: endless blue skies and olive trees, friends and family gathered around the dinner table, people strolling down cobblestone streets and stopping in a small cafe for an espresso. These scenes become your every day life when you study abroad in Rome.

Furthermore, you’ll get to explore the city enough to discover its more underrated landmarks, as well as historical sites you may not have heard of. You can also enjoy plenty of Rome’s delicious food scene—and perhaps even learn how to make pasta, too! In any case, studying here can help you adapt to a culture that is different from your own, and have a great time doing it, too.

Rome Also Has A Lot to Offer from an Academic Perspective

Study abroad students should also know that Rome has a fantastic reputation for education. As an American university in the heart of Rome, John Cabot University gives students the chance to study in English among an international student population from more than 80 countries. Students also have access to on-site classes exploring many of Rome and Italy’s iconic monuments and works of art. They can also benefit from guest speakers, internship opportunities, extracurricular offerings, and more!

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