3 Reasons to Study Abroad in 2021

January 5, 2021

Studying abroad is a unique opportunity. At John Cabot University, you have the freedom to travel and explore Italy to immerse yourself in another culture, and you get to do it all as a student taking fascinating classes. If you're on the fence about whether studying abroad is right for you, here are three reasons to stop wondering and start planning!

Your Study Abroad Experience Will Be the Adventure of a Lifetime

If you're itching to travel and see the world, studying abroad in 2021 could be a wonderful option. While in Italy, you'll be able to explore all that the country has to offer, from the mountain towns of the Alps to scenic seaside cities. Studying abroad is about much more than just traveling, though. If you study in Rome at John Cabot University, you'll be more than a tourist—you actually get to live there! Living in Rome gives you the opportunity to gain an intimate appreciation for the Italian lifestyle, its traditions, and its culture. You'll live like an Italian, getting the chance to purchase an espresso at a local coffee shop, peruse local farmer's markets, meet locals, and become familiar with iconic neighborhoods. 

At JCU, taking in all that Rome and Italy have to offer is also easy and relatively affordable. Through our cultural programs, students can access cooking classes, weekend trips to different destinations, pottery classes, wine tastings, and more. While there's an additional cost associated with signing up for these activities, these costs are lower than they would be if students undertook them individually, as JCU covers a portion of costs. If you've spent 2020 filled with wanderlust, the opportunity to study abroad could be just the kind of thing you've been dreaming of. 


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You'll Gain an International Perspective

2020 is a year that has had a significant impact on everyone the world over. In many ways, it has helped to show just how interconnected we are, and how important cooperation across borders can be. Possessing an understanding of the world that goes beyond the confines of your home country is an asset in almost anything you will do in life. Not only will future employers appreciate this, but it will expand your horizons in more ways than you can imagine. You'll become more open to new perspectives and new ideas, which can in turn help strengthen other crucial soft skills like your critical thinking skills, your creativity, and your problem-solving skills. 

Being a student at JCU doesn't just expand your understanding of Italian culture. With many other countries, just a quick train or plane ride away, you can easily travel to other places in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. In addition, your peers at JCU will also provide you with many different insights. In fact, JCU's student body is incredibly diverse, coming from over 80 different countries!

Strengthen Your Personal Development 

If you're looking to break out of your shell in 2021, then the opportunity to study abroad is one that is not to be missed. It's not only a great chance to make lifelong memories and learn about different cultures, but it's also a transformative personal experience. 

You'll be embarking on a major journey, which will help you grow in all kinds of different ways. You'll gain independence by making your own travel plans and living in a new place, all while gaining new insights as you try delicious new foods, meet wonderful new friends, and travel to breathtaking new destinations. Together, all of these experiences will build memories that will last a lifetime. However, they also function as an investment in yourself. As you grow into a more independent and resourceful person, you'll feel more comfortable facing uncertainties, navigating new environments, and stepping out of your comfort zone. As a result, it's an experience that will have a lifelong impact. 

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