10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad at JCU

April 7, 2020

If you’re thinking about studying abroad, John Cabot University (JCU) in Rome has a lot to offer. Students will have the opportunity to make friends for life, learn about an entirely new culture and way of living, and spend weekends exploring Rome, Italy, Europe, and beyond.

Studying at JCU is an unforgettable experience. Here are ten reasons why you might want to consider enrolling.

1.     Study a Subject that Interests You

Whether you’re an aspiring engineer, entrepreneur, or art historian, JCU has a course for you. Students who study abroad in Rome can choose between hundreds of courses in English and find a subject that truly interests them and matches their career ambitions.

2.     Spend a Summer, Semester, or Your Entire Degree in Rome

Not only can students choose between a wide variety of majors and minors, but they can also choose to study for a length of time that suits them. Maybe you just want to experience a summer studying abroad and transfer the credits to your home university, or maybe you want to complete a bachelor’s degree with JCU. The choice is yours, and you can find the abroad option that best suits you.

3.     Make Friends from All Over the World

JCU welcomes students from all over the world. In fact, our campus population of 1,400 is made up of students from more than 80 countries! This means that students will be able to develop an international network and discover many different cultures and perspectives throughout their studies.

4.     Explore Rome, Italy, Europe, and Beyond When You Study Abroad

JCU makes the perfect home base if you want to travel throughout Europe and beyond. Classes at JCU run from Monday to Thursday, meaning that students will have long weekends to travel and explore. There are often cheap flights to cultural hot spots like Paris or Amsterdam, or students can take a train to the north or south of Italy. John Cabot also organizes a number of trips and activities for its students.


study in Rome 

5.     Experience a New Culture

There is no better way to learn about another culture than to immerse yourself in it. At JCU, students will live and study right in the center of Rome in Trastevere. Before you know it, you’ll be living off espresso, pizza, pasta, and gelato, while saying ‘ciao’ and ‘buongiorno’ like a true Italian.

6.     A Historical Backdrop

The great thing about JCU‘s campus in Rome is that it’s surrounded by history, with many of Rome’s sites just a short walk or bus ride away. When you study at an American college in Rome, history is on your doorstep. From romantic architecture to historical landmarks like the Colosseum, Rome is overflowing with history wherever you look.

7.     Enhance Your Resume With International Experience

Adding study abroad experience with JCU to your resume will make you stand out in the competitive job market. It helps show employers that you are adaptable, resilient, and able to thrive in an international environment. Business is becoming more and more globalized, so employers will be looking for candidates who can prove that they can overcome cultural barriers and succeed internationally. Why not do an internship during your time overseas?

8.     Learn a New Language

You don’t need to speak Italian to study at JCU, as all of the classes are taught in English. However, you will have plenty of opportunities to learn Italian! JCU offers language classes for students, and living in Rome offers excellent practice. Whether ordering an espresso or speaking with new friends, you’ll have the ability to improve your Italian.

9.     Live Off Some of the Best Food in the World

If you ask any JCU student what their favorite thing about studying in Italy is, they will probably say the food! As a study abroad student, you will have endless opportunities to taste gelato, real Italian handmade pasta, and other delights.

10. Join the JCU Alumni Network

Whether you graduate from JCU or only spend a semester or summer session studying abroad, you will remain a part of the JCU community and global alumni network. JCU hosts various alumni events for students to connect with old and new students.

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