Meet the Local Community Via Italy Reads When You Study Abroad

March 7, 2022
John Cabot University students volunteering for Italy Reads

When you begin your academic journey in a different country, you open yourself to a new culture and transformative new experiences. You’ll gain a global perspective as you interact with students from all over the world, as well as the local community you study in.

JCU understands the value of sharing human experiences, which helps us grow as individuals and as a community. That’s why we encourage our students to take part in Italy Reads, which brings together American literature, high school teachers, and high school students from across Italy to discuss the chosen literary work. You’ll engage with them and learn about Italy, all while helping students improve their grasp of the English language.


Study Abroad and Immerse Yourself in Italian Culture

When you take part in Italy Reads, you’ll gain an appreciation for the personal experiences, ideas, and beliefs that are a part of Italian culture. Instead of following a tour guide, or reading a tour book, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with Italian high school teachers and students and gain first-hand experience of Italy. You’ll get to enjoy and immerse yourself in Italy when you study abroad in a natural Italian context, which builds your understanding and appreciation of the local community and Italian culture. Italy Reads feeds your zest and hunger to experience another world and understand the norms and traditions that shape the lives of those within it, while also transforming your own life in immeasurable ways.


Feb 24 study abroad in italy

When you join Italy Reads, you’ll experience Italian culture through the local community


Share America’s History and Culture

When you study abroad in Italy at John Cabot University, you’ll get the chance to share your own values, beliefs, and experiences with the local community. Italy Reads provides Italian high school students with the opportunity to experience and learn about America’s history and culture through your own words and life experiences. You’ll engage with students and provide a vivid picture of American history and culture within an international context. As Italy Reads provides everyone involved with the chance to read and discuss American literature, you’ll help provide context for the literary work through your own thoughts and ideas as an American local within an international community. When you engage with the local community in Italy, you’ll become a representation of American culture and experience America through an Italian’s own perspective.


Feb 24 study in italy

Make long-lasting friendships when you study in Italy at John Cabot University

Make Long-Lasting Friendships

When you study at John Cabot University and take part in Italy Reads, you’ll help shape the lives of Italian high school students and the local community while they shape yours as well. Even though Italy Reads focuses on reading literature, it also provides participants with the opportunity to work together and build long-lasting friendships and relationships.

You’ll get the chance to collaborate and help Italian high school students produce videos for the American Literary Work Video contest. This is more than just a video project. It’s also a means of getting everyone working together, building trust, and establishing friendships along the way. As you get to understand their culture as they understand yours, you’ll all build connections and friendships that hopefully last a lifetime.

Join Italy Reads at John Cabot University and be transformed by our local community. You can experience personal growth and become a global citizen within an Italian context!



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