(Intern)ational Education: Interning through JCU Career Services

September 28, 2021
Study Abroad student holding up her home school's symbol

Multiple times, we as students are asked "What do you want to do when you grow up?". This question can seem so intense for many of us because we can imagine our lives going in many different directions and we create many goals we want to accomplish. A common goal for youth around the world is to travel, but for me, I had always dreamed of taking it one step further and finding a way to work or intern abroad. When I saw that my university at home in the United States was partnered with John Cabot University and that they offered for-credit internships to study abroad students, I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

The process of applying for an internship through John Cabot is pretty simple it just depends on whether you are a degree-seeking or study-abroad student. As a study-abroad student, I first started by applying through my home university and then contacting the career services office at JCU. Degree-seeking students can just directly apply through the career services office.

After applying, I began the process of communicating with the JCU career services by sending over my resume and other documents needed to apply to specific job positions. The career services office then sends you available internship positions that they think would best suit your career path and interests. I read through the available jobs and mentioned my preferences, but ultimately it was up to the companies to offer an interview and the job. I was lucky enough to get one of my top choices and be able to work in the marketing department here at JCU!

Interning for the marketing department at JCU has been great. Because of covid, my internship is hybrid in the sense that I go to the office 2 days a week and work from home the other 2 or 3 depending on my tasks for the week. The best part about “Working from home” in Rome is getting to find new bars and cafes to work from and enjoy the city around me while getting to still learn and grow in a field that I am very interested in turning into my future career.

As a marketing intern, my tasks include: creating social media content for the university with a focus on study abroad content. The content I create ranges from Instagram posts to Tik Tok videos, and even a couple of blogs (like this one). I also help to complete social media audits and organize the university's social channels to help boost JCU's following and engagement. Through this experience, I have been able to meet and connect with so many different people, both students, and faculty at JCU, that I will cherish the relationships I've built for many years to come after leaving Rome. 

I would recommend interning through JCU to any student who wants to gain real-world experience and test out some of their different interests. The career services team at JCU works so hard to place students in roles that they can succeed in and help them throughout the course of their internship with any struggles they may have. JCU has connections with over 600 companies that offer internships throughout the year for students. No matter what your major is or whether you are a degree-seeking student vs a study-abroad student if your looking for an opportunity to grow outside of the classroom check out the available internship opportunities!

If you are interested in applying to jobs or internships and other services JCU has to offer, head over to our Center for Career Services Website here! 


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