How Clubs at John Cabot Can Help You Expand Your Global Network

January 13, 2022
Students signing up for a club at John Cabot University

Participating in student clubs and organizations is an exciting and rewarding part of student life at John Cabot University. With a safe place to explore your passions, develop specialized skills, and collaborate with your classmates, you will experience growth both personally and professionally. 

At JCU, we value the practice of many skills such as time management, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Students have the chance to polish these skills in our clubs and organizations that foster a supportive environment where all are welcome to learn and contribute. Not only will you find growth as a person, but you will be able to build upon that growth to expand your global network through the impactful connections you make when you choose JCU. Keep reading to learn more about how our clubs can help with academic and professional outreach.


Gain Hands-On Experience in Clubs at John Cabot

When you study at John Cabot, you’ll enjoy an immersive educational experience. At JCU, we prioritize hands-on learning both in and out of the classroom, giving students the chance to focus on the practical application of their knowledge and skills. 

Our clubs model these values, as they further our students’ education and involvement by letting them take the lead on projects. Our Business Club, for example, hosts directed meetings where students work together to learn how to conduct business matters directly, exploring challenges and gaining insight from their peers. As students are given the chance to apply their classroom lessons through club events and academic gatherings, a variety of opportunities arise. Honing in on their skills as they present their work to colleagues from JCU and beyond will allow them to expand their network locally and globally.


Jan 13 study abroad in Rome

Gain hands-on experience in your field when you join clubs with your peers at John Cabot


Attend Club Events to Form Valuable Connections

Many clubs organize events and welcome experienced, valued members in their field to give students insight into a particular career. One example of this was when the Grassroots Club attended the FAO Symposium. Students were able to hear from renowned professionals and scientists who expanded on important topics such as agriculture, policy-making, and technology.

When students hear from well-known experts in a field they are passionate about, it ignites inspiration and determination in them to set their own goals. At club events, students are often able to directly communicate with the experts, introducing themselves and diving deeper into relevant topics together. With the chance to interact with different networks, students are able to exchange contact information and form useful relationships with their colleagues near and far.



Club outings and events can help you make important connections and meet like-minded people in your field.


Make an Impact by Exploring Multidisciplinary Opportunities

Not only will you gain valuable experience in your field of interest when you study abroad in Rome at JCU, but you will also be able to make a bigger impact in your field having explored other disciplines along the way. Participating in clubs, societies, and organizations on campus allows you to connect with your peers in different fields.

One great example of this was the “7 Shades of Green” conference, where eight clubs got together to listen to club speakers, address relevant social issues, and pledge to achieve greater environmental involvement. When you attend JCU, you become part of a community that values more than just the self, but those around you. As you form these deeper connections that are rooted in making the world a better place, you come to understand just how transformative the JCU experience is in developing global citizens. 



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