How JCU's Summer Study Abroad Program Enriches Your Academic Journey

February 2, 2024
JCU students at clubs fair

Are you seeking more from your university experience? What if we could provide what you’re looking for? Consider taking part in our study abroad summer session. It’s the perfect short-term study option for students looking to earn credits as they enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience traveling, immersing themselves in a new culture, and benefiting from the enriching career-advancing opportunities. Keep reading to discover some of the enriching benefits of the summer study abroad program at John Cabot University


Earn Several Credits Toward Your Degree in an Intellectually Stimulating Environment

Students enrolling in our summer study abroad program have several options regarding their credit load. There are two five-week sessions - one from May 15 to June 22 and the other from June 27 to August 3. During each session, students can earn either three or six credits, depending on what sort of experience they’re looking for. Our three-week mini-session is also an option that allows students to earn three credits toward their degrees.

You’ll have over a hundred courses covering key areas in art history, business, communications, economics, engineering, English literature, and more. Small classes, a diverse university community, and an emphasis on active learning make for an intellectually stimulating learning environment that will add value to your degree.


A JCU student doing an on-site lessonStudents can make Rome their classroom at JCU

Enjoy a Robust Student Life Experience When You Study Abroad at JCU

At JCU, students are encouraged to learn in and out of the classroom. Engaging in our enriching student life experience is an education in and of itself. The summer study abroad program at John Cabot University is full of travel, exploration, and fellowship. 3-day weekends allow students to expand their horizons through memorable first-hand experiences that add further context to their studies and pursue various activities for personal and professional growth.

Danielle Milia, who participated in our summer study abroad program, recalls: “My biggest takeaway from my study abroad experience was not only the education I received but getting to be a part of another culture and having it feel like home.”


A class of JCU students on an excursion in a city centerStudents enhance their experience when they study at our university in Rome


Access Enriching Career Opportunities

Opportunities for career development are at the heart of the learning experience at our university in Rome. Summer internships allow students to explore various career options, hone valuable professional skills, and practice professional networking. The Center for Career Services is available to degree-seeking and study-abroad students, providing career-focused information sessions, events, and opportunities to get involved in the local community. Get a glimpse into the study abroad experience here: 



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