Learn How To Display Your Experience on Your CV When You Study Abroad

April 22, 2024
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Studying abroad can be a positive, life-changing experience in many more ways than one. Students often emerge from their study abroad in Rome and experience much better versions of themselves, with heightened empathy and collaboration skills and a genuinely global perspective among their skills.

Beyond this, studying at a foreign university allows you to cultivate professional skills that can make you a standout candidate in any field. Navigating the challenges of living and learning in a foreign culture also equips you with unique skills and experiences highly valued by employers.

Many students don’t fully highlight their study abroad experiences on their resumes or find it challenging to show how impactful the experience was for their professional growth. If you’re fresh out of university or about to jump into the job market, chances are you don’t have much professional experience yet.

In this case, your experience studying abroad could be your most significant selling point. Here’s how to compellingly highlight it on your CV.


Highlight the Soft Skills You’ve Cultivated Through Your Experiences at Our University in Rome

Living in a new city, navigating a different language (and transportation schedule!), and adapting to a new culture – aren't small feats. These experiences help you adopt (sometimes even subconsciously) adaptability, resourcefulness, problem-solving, and time management skills, which, according to employers, are some of the most valuable skills.

On your CV, emphasize your ability to thrive in unfamiliar environments. Taking charge of your life while you study abroad in Rome fosters independence and self-reliance. Despite limited language skills, did you find a creative way to communicate with your Italian landlord? If you’ve taken the opportunity to learn Italian during your stay in Rome, this is a fantastic skill to list on your CV. Language skills are highly prized in many sectors, including business, healthcare, and tech.


Incorporate Extracurricular Activities and Internship Positions

JCU offers many student-run clubs, organizations, and groups, such as the Art History Society, Business Society, Interfaith Alliance, STAND, and Student Government. Participating in and leading extracurricular activities is an interesting way to garner useful professional experience and increase your value in the eyes of potential employers. Whether you joined a sports team, volunteered, or worked part-time, these experiences can illustrate your initiative and engagement.


Three students smile at a registration table with materials, representing vibrant community life during their study abroad in Rome.Joining one of JCU’s clubs or organizations is highly beneficial when you study abroad in Rome


Partaking in university-organized internships is one of the most common ways to gain valuable professional experience. The experiences of Gaia Cucchi, a double major in Marketing and International Affairs perfectly illustrate this.

Gaia obtained an internship at Glocalize Yourself through the JCU Center for Career Services. Gaia explains, “The internship was a unique experience. I would recommend it to other students because it has helped me hone my organizational, problem-solving, and people skills while exploring Rome and growing professionally.”


Detail Your Academic Achievements

Studying abroad often involves tackling challenging courses or engaging in unique academic projects you wouldn’t have encountered at home. This has the double benefit of making you a more competent graduate and giving you something tangible to display on your CV instead of work experience as a fresh graduate.

A solid academic profile can sway opinion in your favor. So, highlight any academic achievements or special projects you executed at John Cabot University, particularly those relevant to the job you’re applying for.

If you have little or no professional experience, remember to put the education section before the work experience section. Other details to include are the name of the school, its location, the degree earned, and the date it was awarded.


Students engage in a team-building exercise during a lively classroom activity at a Rome university.Be prepared to engage in unique academic projects when you study abroad in Rome


Leverage JCU’s Career Services for Professional Success

At John Cabot University, our Center for Career Services offers extensive support to help you translate your academic and extracurricular experiences in Rome into compelling professional opportunities. As you embark on your study abroad journey, our Career Services team is here to guide you in effectively showcasing your international exposure and new skills on your CV. From personalized career counseling to workshops on resume writing and job interview techniques, we provide tailored assistance that enhances your employability.

Moreover, through our vast alumni network and global contacts, students can access valuable internships and job placements. This ensures that studying abroad extends beyond academic enrichment and becomes a cornerstone of your professional development. Learn more about how our Career Services can help you.


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