3 Career Benefits to Enjoy When You Study Abroad in Rome

March 14, 2024
4 JCU students exploring Rome

Suppose you’re searching for the career benefits of studying abroad. In that case, you'll find articles suggesting that a foreign institution degree can often be all you need to stand out among other candidates. You might even run into studies and statistics showing employers prefer candidates with international experience.

All of these claims are not without merit. However, let's face it. Statistics only represent a small fragment of the information you're faced with when making a decision that can quite literally shape the course of your life. Here, we're backing up each point highlighted in this blog post with inspiring accounts of John Cabot University alumni who have leveraged their training and experiences at our world-class university in Rome to make notable professional exploits. 


1. Expand Your Global Network When You Study at Our University in Rome

Networking has always been central to career and entrepreneurial success, but its importance has grown in the modern, interconnected business landscape. In a symposium on “Business Networking and the Importance of Human Relations for a Successful Career in the Digital Age” held at JCU, chief speaker Benedetto Buono cited American psychologist Stanley Milgram’s “Six Degrees of Separation Theory,” which states that on average, any two individuals in the world are separated by five connections. In other words, with only six contacts, one can reach anyone worldwide.

JCU welcomes students from over 75 countries each year, making our university in Rome a veritable melting pot of cultures and ideas. The notable diversity on our campus provides a unique platform for cultural exchange and professional networking, which enables students to forge lifetime connections that span continents and open doors to unique opportunities, collaborations, and insights into global market trends.

JCU alumna Camilla Voltolini shows how these connections translate into career success after she had a chance encounter with Luigi Orlandini, the president and founder of Canossa Events International. During a Strategic Management class while pursuing her undergraduate degree at JCU. Camilla went on to work at Canossa Events and became the company's general manager.

She interned at the JCU offices of Italian Admissions, Web Communications, and Special Projects and Events in her senior year. She later secured an internship at Canossa Events through the Career Services Center, and her journey officially began. “I think that through a series of coincidences and choices since I started working in the Special Projects & Events office, everything has fallen into place,” she surmises.


Students exploring the campus of our university in RomeStudying at our university in Rome cultivates and expands a global network of connections


2. Cultivate an Entrepreneurship Mindset and Skills

At JCU, we encourage every student to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and use this to fuel their passion. For business, economics, and finance students, the Frank J. Guarini School of Business offers a world-class education in business and entrepreneurship, complete with exciting opportunities to practice their skills hands-on.

Budding entrepreneurs of all skill levels can also find helpful career insights and mentorship at the Business Society at John Cabot University. JCU Alumni Daniil Matskevich, business owner and Forbes “30 Under 30 Kazakhstan" awardee, credits JCU with laying the foundation for his business success. In his words, "John Cabot University played a pivotal role in preparing me for entrepreneurship. As a marketing major, I also had the opportunity to take numerous classes related to business, and all of this knowledge has been directly applicable to building and running my own business".

The JCU entrepreneurship certificate is open to any major. Whether you're business-inclined or not, developing your entrepreneurial skills allows you to equip yourself for future career success when you study abroad in Rome.


Students exploring a historic monument at our university in RomeEngaging with local customs at our university in Rome helps students build cultural competence


3. Gain International Experience and Enhance Your Adaptability

Living and studying in Rome exposes you to new challenges and experiences, which can help you develop adaptability and resilience. The international experience gained while studying at JCU demonstrates to potential employers your willingness to step out of your comfort zone and your capability to tackle challenges head-on.

Beyond this, JCU’s Center for Career Services provides several internship opportunities for students. Consider the experience of exchange student Catia Gage, who secured a communications internship at a luxury vintage boutique through our Career Services Center. “This internship provided me with an understanding of the social media and luxury retail industry. Working abroad has broadened my perspective and enhanced my adaptability, skills that I believe will be valuable as I continue to pursue a career in social media marketing.”

Catia encourages other students to broaden their professional and personal horizons by exploring new environments. “I highly recommend this internship to other students because not only do you develop and grow your marketing skills, but it is also a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in a new environment,” she reveals.


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