Benefits of Cultural Immersion When You Study Abroad in Rome

January 24, 2024
A group of John Cabot University students on a field trip

Meeting and interacting with new people and cultures is one of the best ways to expand one’s worldview and enrich one’s mindset. Studying abroad is an authentic way to cultivate a global perspective through cultural immersion. The Eternal City of Rome, with its storied history and vibrant culture, provides a dynamic and captivating setting to achieve this.

At John Cabot University, we encourage our students to enrich their academic experience by interacting with our diverse student body and the local Italian community we are part of. This blog post highlights the benefits of cultural immersion when studying abroad in Rome.


Experience Enhanced Cultural Understanding and Perspective

Experiencing Italian culture firsthand provides a rich and diverse experience beyond standard tourist attractions. Cultural immersion is about accepting the Italian way of life, not simply learning the language and seeing historical sites. Savoring unhurried dinners at charming Trastevere trattorias, where the spirit of Italian cuisine is evident in every dish, is part of this immersion. It involves engaging in animated conversations with residents about politics, art, and history—all essential to the Italian identity.

These authentic interactions allow you to appreciate the nuances of Italian culture better. You can learn many Italian customs and social mores by participating in daily activities and attending local festivals. Deepening your understanding of cultures that are different from yours challenges you to gain a global perspective and boosts your personal growth. Our university in Rome facilitates this by offering Italian language courses and cultural studies that delve into Italy's rich history and contemporary society and providing opportunities to engage with local communities through volunteering, internships, and cultural exchanges.


A group of John Cabot University students interacting with locals on a tripYou can develop enhanced cultural understanding when you study abroad in Rome


Study Abroad in Rome and Challenge  Your Personal Growth and Flexibility

When you study abroad in Rome, you gain exposure to diverse perspectives, which helps to shape a broader understanding of the world. Whether exploring the arts, delving into history, or engaging with contemporary societal issues, the experience encourages the cultivation of an expanded worldview. This newfound perspective can be instrumental in developing empathy and open-mindedness, which are crucial attributes for navigating an interconnected global society.

Beyond this, living in a different culture challenges you to step outside your comfort zone. It sets you on the path to self-discovery, where you learn to adapt and grow unexpectedly. JCU Alumni Myles Hooper said: “Personally, the best part about studying at John Cabot University was the cultural immersion. At most American universities, students have the opportunity to study abroad--but only for one semester.


A smiling female student at our university in RomeCultural immersion at our university in Rome can help facilitate personal growth


That is a very short time in the grand scheme of things. Instead, John Cabot offers an enhanced experience for undergraduate students over four years. He explains that this allows students to embrace the culture, travel, and enjoy Italy and the rest of Europe in-depth,” he explains.


Build International Networks at Our University in Rome

As a JCU student, you are integral to a vibrant multicultural community. The connections forged during your time here extend beyond the duration of your study, transforming into potential lifelong international networks. These relationships, personal and professional, enrich your experience while also offering diverse perspectives and opportunities. Being part of the JCU community means gaining knowledge and establishing connections that have the potential to influence and shape your personal and professional journey for years to come.


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