Acclaimed Faculty Who Could Be Your Professors When You Study Abroad in Rome

May 29, 2020

At John Cabot University, our roster of faculty come from a vast array of cultural and educational backgrounds, and bring a wealth of knowledge for students to absorb and benefit from. John Cabot’s faculty brings the experience and expertise necessary to elevate any study abroad student’s educational journey and make studying abroad in Rome a truly special experience.

Here are some acclaimed faculty you may find yourself being taught by during your time at JCU.

Stefan Sorgner: Helping Philosophy Students Embrace Transhumanism

Having first joined JCU’s faculty in 2016, Professor Stefan Sorgner is a well-known transhumanist and posthumanist philosopher, and is JCU’s Associate Professor of Philosophy. He has taught courses such as Ethics of Emerging Technologies and Living the Good Life: Religious and Philosophical Ethics. Sorgner is also the co-founder and director of the Beyond Humanism Network, and his expertise in the area of transhumanism has received widespread recognition. In May 2020, Sorgner made the cover of Immortalists Magazine, in which he discusses the COVID-19 pandemic with a transhumanist lens.

Crispin Corrado: Educating Study Abroad Students on Roman Art

Having joined JCU’s faculty in 2012, Professor Crispin Corrado boasts plenty of knowledge in the field of Roman art. Corrado’s background as a classical archaeologist and research interests in topics like Roman wall painting and tomb architecture lend well to her work at JCU. As a Lecturer in Art History at John Cabot University, Corrado can be found teaching courses like Ancient Rome and Its Monuments - one of JCU's on-site courses - and Ancient Roman and Mediterranean Mural Painting. Corrado’s experience goes far beyond teaching, having also done fieldwork in Pompeii, curatorial work for ancient art in multiple museums, and having helped organize various ancient art exhibitions.

William Pettit: Introducing Students to Fresco Painting

Beginning at JCU back in 1999, Professor William Pettit’s role as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Studio Art comes after studying in Rome during his undergraduate and graduate degrees. Pettit has gone on to teach courses in many art-related disciplines at JCU, one of which is fresco painting. "We visit important examples of fresco painting which are within walking distance of the [JCU] art studio,” he says. “Then, using this technique, known from antiquity and perfected during the Renaissance, each student takes a small section of the studio wall and prepares a fresh plaster ground on which to execute a part of a coordinated decorative scheme." Where could be better to take a course on fresco painting than in Rome?

Antonella Salvatore: Assisting Students During and After Their Studies

As the Director of the Center for Professional and Continuing Education and Career Services at JCU, Professor Antonella Salvatore helps students ease their transition to their future careers. She also teaches business courses that are very specific to Italy, such as Made in Italy: The Italian Business Environment; a course focused on the local business culture and the role Italian companies play on a global scale. Salvatore has prior experience working as Sales and Retail Director for brands like Fila and Calvin Klein, and has also published a book, Stressati o sdraiati? Solo in cerca di lavoro (Stressed or Lazy? Just Looking for a Job).

Students in Engineering Have Much to Learn from Summer Visiting Faculty

Students studying engineering can study abroad and learn from a number of visiting faculty from major American engineering schools during JCU's summer sessions. With visiting faculty coming from renowned schools such as Michigan State University and the Colorado School of Mines, students are able to take courses taught by these esteemed professors. This summer program provides students with the opportunity to remain on track or speed up their time to graduation while participating in an international experience that allows them to appreciate the history and engineering feats of Ancient Rome.

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