5 Reasons to Use Our Center for Career Services When You Study Abroad

February 7, 2023
Center for Career Services

At John Cabot University, we prioritize student success, providing plenty of opportunities for them to start strategizing for career success after graduation through our Center of Career Services. If you’re interested in studying abroad, you can rest assured that the services available at our university in Italy will prepare you for your dream career. Read on for a few key reasons why you should use JCU’s Center for Career Services while you study in Italy.

1. Study Abroad Students Have Access to Internships Through Our Center for Career Services 

Internships are excellent opportunities for several reasons. In addition to being the perfect avenue for exploring different career paths, internships provide the ability to gain valuable work experience, making you a more attractive candidate to future employers. In an internship, you will be able to hone your skills, make advantageous professional relationships, and secure compelling references and testimonials. Through our Center for Career Services, students gain access to for-credit internships when they have been accepted at JCU for the semester or the summer session, have completed 60 credits, and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.


2. Enjoy the Convenience of a Virtual Career Coach With JOBIRI

We understand that our busy students value convenience. For this reason, when you study abroad, you will have access to our virtual career coach, JOBIRI starting this spring. JOBIRI is a first-of-its-kind AI-powered job and career platform available in Italian and English that, in addition to accessibility and convenience, offers a wide range of benefits to students. JOBIRI services are customized and allow you to be the first to access new job postings, perfect your CV, interview training, and learn job search strategies from professional career counselors in comprehensive video-based courses. 


3. Network and Practice Interviewing at Our Career Fairs

Our fall and spring Career Fairs offer the perfect opportunity to investigate possible career opportunities, develop your interviewing skills, and gain valuable work experience with various companies and organizations. Participants must be students and graduates of JCU, be of Sophomore standing with a minimum GPA of 2.5, and be in good administrative standing.



Study abroad students can explore career options and practice their interviewing at our career fairs


4. Advance Your Career Through Our Collaborations with Multiple Organizations

JCU is proud to collaborate with over 740 organizations and companies that offer students excellent internship and job opportunities. Our industry connections facilitate networking, which is an essential part of growing your career. Networking gives you access to valuable professional relationships that can support you throughout your career, increases your career maneuverability, and provides access to unique professional experiences through your connections. If you’re exploring colleges in Rome, Italy, be sure to choose an institution with reputable connections that support your career advancement. 


5. Understand the Job Market Through Our Informative Events 

Each semester, the Center for Career Services hosts Companies and Alumni talks designed to introduce students to reputable companies in various industries. In addition, we offer career sessions that provide insight into the job market. 



Study abroad students receive valuable information from our career events


Our events help students and alumni make informed decisions about their careers. At JCU, you’re provided with guidance and support that lasts beyond graduation. 


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