3 Ways Debate Club Can Support Your Studies at Our University in Italy

March 6, 2023
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The Debate Club at John Cabot University is a space that stimulates political and intellectual debates in a moderated and healthy manner. This is a chance for students to exercise their public speaking skills and bring their ideas to the table on cutting-edge topics. 


But beyond building confidence in public speaking, debating is a great way to exercise some key academic muscles. Researching, formulating, and delivering arguments are essential to most fields of study–a skill that will serve you well in your professional future.  

If you’re interested in making your voice heard at JCU, keep reading to learn how Debate Club can enrich your studies. 


1. Learn to Organize Your Ideas & Structure Arguments

The Debate Club is designed to promote the practices of policy debate, mock trial debate, and public speaking in its various forms. In each case, students must research a topic, gather evidence to support their ideas, and synthesize their points into a logical argument. This process is a vital part of academic study, and it’s how we arrive at new ideas and conclusions. 

Through Debate Club, you can develop effective tools for research, organization, and presentation while engaging with some of the most pressing issues in the contemporary world. Taking this experience back to the classroom at our university in Italy, you can feel more confident in your ability to create and deliver coherent lines of reasoning. 



Practicing delivering logical arguments in Debate Club at JCU


2. Develop a Critical Mind for Your Degree at Our University in Italy

First and foremost, debating ignites a passion for discovery in students; it encourages them to explore the world through an inquisitive eye while being mindful of varying perspectives. These skills in critical thinking translate well to several courses in Political Science, Art History, English, Business, Communications, and more. Students learn to engage in controversial discussions in a moderated and productive format. The ability to analyze information from opposing sides and arrive at your own conclusions will help you deepen your understanding of topics at our American university in Rome and beyond!



Students learn to analyze topics critically through Debate Club at our university in Italy


3. Sharpen Your Communication Skills

Almost every program at JCU will require you to develop your communications skills early on in your degree–whether you’re writing essays, participating in class, or giving presentations. And remember: it’s not just careers in public speaking that require good communication. In the majority of professional roles, you’ll need to be able to express yourself in a clear and precise way. Often, when negotiating or strategizing, you’ll also need to communicate your ideas persuasively. 

Debate club allows you to sharpen your communication skills on your own time. Whether debating independently or in a team, you’ll practice the art of public speaking and learn to deliver your arguments in an intelligible way. Effective communication is also listening to the other side and providing relevant responses. Through debating, you’ll learn to target your points to create a more productive conversation and persuasively synthesize information. 


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