3 Reasons to Pursue Modern Languages and Literature While Studying Abroad

April 20, 2021
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If you’re studying abroad at John Cabot University, you might want to consider enrolling in some courses within the department of Modern Languages and Literature. With a focus on Italian language, literature and culture, students of this program benefit not only from learning another language, but from gaining an important understanding of Italian culture. In this interdisciplinary program, students build the skills necessary to think critically and interpret meaning in the world around them, preparing them for a variety of careers in a number of different fields. 

If you’re looking for courses which will not only enhance your experience as a student abroad, but will have a lasting impact on your future, here are three reasons to select courses within JCU’s Modern Languages and Literatures program.


Gain an In-Depth Understanding of Italian Culture While You Study in Italy

Within JCU’s department of Modern Languages and Literature, students can choose courses which focus on Italian culture through the lens of literature, cinema, business, politics, media and more. These courses allow students to gain a greater insight into the complexities of Italian culture, as well as the historical processes which have led to the formation of Italian society and identities. Whether it’s exploring Italian history through film, learning about the operations and culture within the Italian business environment, or diving into classic Italian literature, students of Modern Languages and Literature gain a rich understanding of Italian cultural underpinnings and Italian society as a whole.

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Taking courses in Modern Languages and Literatures can enhance your study abroad experience

Gaining an in-depth understanding of Italian culture is not only an enlightening area of study; it can also be extremely enriching for your study abroad experience as a whole. By learning about Italian culture in tandem with your exploration of Italy as a student abroad, you’ll be able to make connections between the course material and your observations of Italian culture, society and customs in real time. Supplementing your adventures abroad with the knowledge you’ve gained in the classroom is a valuable way to experience Italy not just as a tourist, but as an informed traveler. 


You Will Benefit from Learning a New Language

Learning a foreign language has many surprising benefits, and by taking courses in Italian within the Modern Languages and Literature department, students at JCU have the opportunity to learn a new language while studying abroad. Learning a new language is not only a great way to broaden your skill set, but it’s also an opportunity to further immerse yourself in Italian culture. Learning Italian can help you to gain a unique insight into the different ways of thinking and relating to one another which are embedded in Italian culture, as there are many nuances that cannot be understood without comprehension of the language itself. 

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Learning a new language can help you to make significant connections while you study in Italy

Learning Italian can also make it much easier to travel and experience new adventures while you study in Italy. Language can often be a barrier to communication when traveling, causing misunderstandings and making cultural differences more apparent. By picking up some Italian, you’ll be able to converse with the locals, read signs, and most importantly, make more significant connections with the places and people you meet along the way. 


You Will Broaden Your Career Opportunities

Taking courses within JCU’s department of Modern Languages and Literatures can lead to a diverse and exciting range of career opportunities. Within this program, you’ll build valuable intercultural, communicative and critical thinking skills which are applicable to a number of different fields. You may apply your cultural knowledge to a career in media, government or human rights work, business, and more. Additionally, you can choose to emphasize your language skills by seeking a profession that places a high value on bilingualism. In today’s globalized world, there is no shortage of industries in search of candidates who speak more than one language, and possible career opportunities include work in international business, immigration services, travel and tourism, journalism, editing, translation, and more. Whatever you choose to do, the skills you build in Modern Languages and Literature courses will enhance your success. 


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