3 International Affairs Courses To Take While You Study Abroad

March 18, 2021

International Affairs is an incredibly fascinating field to study in. If you’re about to study in Rome, a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from John Cabot University can help you gain an in-depth understanding of global political issues and the implications that different factors have on them. Students learn various concepts in ways that give them a background in how peace and conflict can be rooted in issues pertaining to global policy. This can help students learn the necessary skills to work in several environments in international affairs, such as global development organizations, transnational corporations, and international institutions.

Here are three International Affairs courses you should consider taking while studying abroad at JCU in Rome, Italy.

World Politics: How the Past and Present Shape International Affairs

World Politics is a course that acts as an introduction to international affairs, and how its various structures, theories, and practices have impacted it over time. From World War II to the present day, students learn how international relations have evolved through periods of peace and conflict. Concepts such as globalization, the United Nations, terrorism, historical theories and events, and recent developments that could shape the field’s future are all explored. Study abroad students will also gain an understanding of topics such as Ancient Greece, the Cold War, constructivism, liberalism, realism, and poststructuralism.

Public International Law: How International Affairs and the Law Intersect

The course Public International Law at JCU helps students understand international affairs from a legal standpoint, and how one impacts the other. Public international law is examined, as is how various institutions with law implementation capabilities function. Students learn about the United Nations, but also about concepts like regional organizations, international criminal law and tribunals, human rights law, and the law of war. Over a span of 14 weeks, students will learn how states are governed by law, the impact of the law on violence and use of force, how public international law is designed, and how to view the relation between power and legality in the context of international relations with a critical lens.

Politics of China: How Study Abroad Students Learn About Chinese Policy

Students especially interested in learning more about China would do well to take the course Politics of China. Students at our university in Rome will learn about how China and its approaches to foreign policy have taken shape throughout history. Various significant events in the country’s modern evolution will be examined, including the post-Mao era and the protests at Tiananmen Square in 1989. Students will learn how events such as these have left a lasting mark on Chinese society, as well as the country’s international relations and the ideological foundations of the Chinese Communist Party. The impact of Mao’s policies on later eras for the country, how the “Century of Humiliation” still factors into modern-day China, and more are also discussed in detail.


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