Where Can a Legal Studies Minor at John Cabot Take You?

November 30, 2022
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Are you wondering how you can bring an interest in law to your degree? The Minor in Legal Studies at John Cabot University is designed to provide you with a broad overview of the field of law while encouraging deep and specialized investigation of selected areas within it. 

Beyond its vocational value, legal studies is also a fundamental area of liberal arts inquiry; it encourages cross-disciplinary investigation into issues across business, politics, art, philosophy, history, communications, and more. That’s why many students of different degrees and ambitions choose to pursue a Legal Studies Minor at JCU. 

An awareness of how the law works–and how it doesn’t–is valuable for any citizen in any walk of life. But most importantly, a dedicated Legal Studies minor can open up endless doors for you. Here are just a few of them below.


Build a Foundation for Law School at John Cabot University

Many students who minor in Legal Studies go to law school after their undergraduate studies. A Legal Studies minor is an obvious way to prepare for law school since it equips you with the fundamental knowledge and skills to apply at a higher level. 

While at John Cabot University, you’ll develop an awareness of the specificity of legal procedures and the ability to interpret legislative norms, administrative regulations, and judicial case law. With knowledge of how the law works, you’ll be able to apply legal reasoning to cases and advocate for specific resolutions to legal disputes. Getting to grips with these practices during your undergraduate degree will help you enter law school with a relevant foundation of legal knowledge and tactics.

Not to mention, admissions to law schools can be highly competitive. Demonstrating an interest in and commitment to the field early on in your undergraduate studies is a good way to bring weight to your application down the line.



Prepare for law school by developing a strong legal mindset at John Cabot University

Prepare for Careers in Government and Public Policy 

A Legal Studies Minor teaches an appreciation of law as a tool of power, with the potential to both reinforce and impede social justice. As such, it is excellent preparation for careers in public policy and government administration or simply for those interested in issues of law and justice. 

The minor explores topics around public order, property, individual freedom, equality, human dignity, and more. You’ll learn to think critically about the law and legal systems–in Europe, the US, and beyond–and how the law intersects with pressing political, economic, environmental, and social issues. Now more than ever, this knowledge can bring a grounding force of reason to today's ever-changing political landscape. 



Apply your legal reasoning to shape government and public policy 


Apply Your Skills to Business 

Every organization is bound by local, national, or global laws–and needs people with expertise in those areas. With a Legal Studies Minor from our American university in Rome, you can bring value to businesses worldwide as you help them navigate the legal landscape and optimize their position. 

You’ll gain experience conducting legal research, writing memos, and engaging in written and oral advocacy–all of which are essential business practices. At the same time, you’ll gain valuable critical thinking and analytical skills while learning about the legal issues that are present in managerial decisions. These skills can set you apart when applying for jobs in career fields such as accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, real estate, and risk management.


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