3 Tips for Surviving the Summer Heat When You Study in Rome

July 12, 2022
Piazza Navona in the Summer time

Rome is known for its beautiful landscapes, architecture, and history. But it is also renowned for its warm summer weather. This hot weather can give you the opportunity for gorgeous pictures because of the clear blue skies and fabulous sunsets. Another gorgeous aspect of Rome in the summer are the nights. You can enjoy a meal on a patio in the warm evening weather and witness the beautiful architecture surrounding you. 

As a student at John Cabot University in Rome, you can enjoy all of this and more during the summer. But it can get very hot during the day, so that’s why we compiled a list of four key tips so you can fully enjoy Rome while studying abroad. 


Stay Near Water During The Summer

Whether you want to escape the city or not, water is key to beating the summer heat and staying refreshed. One of the many things that make the city of Rome completely unique from other cities is its multiple fountains. These fountains have been around for many years as the ancient Romans were known for their aqueduct system–the city's system of pipes, ditches, canals, and tunnels. While walking throughout the streets of Rome, you will pass by 2500 Nasoni, which are outdoor fountains where you can bring your water bottles and fill them up with clean fresh, and cold water. 

While studying at John Cabot University, you can also escape the city and sign up for our “A day at the seaside” trip. For a full day, you will get to enjoy the beach and swim in beautiful blue water. This trip includes transportation, a guided tour of a museum, tickets to the Archaeological Museum, and a light lunch at the beach club. You will then head back to the city feeling cooled down and ready to beat the heat. 


June 28 American university in Rome

Stay hydrated all summer long with over 900 fountains across the city


Study During the Day and Explore Rome During the Night

Is it a bit too warm during the day? Why not go out with other international students in Italy and explore what has to offer Rome during the night? As the evening sets in, you will see that the terrific ancient sights feel a lot more intimate at night. Take a beautiful moonlit stroll around the city and watch the charming neighborhood come alive as people step out and gather for dinner or as the younger crowd head to the trendiest bars and cafes. Enjoying the city at night time will allow you to discover its sites and sounds–but without the risk of sun exposure.

JCU students can also take advantage of evening opera shows. At JCU, we organize trips to the opera to allow our students to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For only 40 Euros, you will be able to beat the heat and enjoy a beautiful night out experiencing a unique facet of Roman culture.


June 28  International Students in Italy

Studying at our American university in Rome is a chance to see the city under the moonlight


Discover Over 900 Churches

If you’re looking for a break from the heat during the day, pop into one of Rome's best churches. The spacious, marble interior of the churches makes them cool and the perfect getaway from the daytime sun. Study in Rome and go see some of the best churches, such as the San Giovanni Battista dei Genovesi in Trastevere, only a 15-minute walk from our campus. There is also the Sant’andrea delle Fratte which offers secluded cloisters with fountains and shady palm trees. Not only will you be able to hide from the heat but you will also get to explore the beautiful art pieces and unique architecture of those churches. 



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