Move-In Day

January 7, 2014

Time has come for students who have decided to study abroad in Italy this Spring to join our community. With returning students headed to John Cabot for the 2014 year, that means that move-in day is fast approaching! So how do you get the best out of your housing experience at John Cabot? Luckily for you, we've detailed it all here for you, so you can rest assured that you'll be as informed as possible when you take the plunge and make your decision about where to live while you attend one of the best universities in Italy.

There are two main options when it comes to housing at John Cabot, with another third-party option in case the other two are filled to capacity.

The first housing option is the Gianicolo Residence,  the university's most popular housing option.  It is a series of apartment-style residences for students, reserved only for John Cabot students in Rome's Travestere neighborhood. Just steps away from the Guarini campus and the Tiber Campus Student Center, it's a great option for students who want to be in the center of it all. 24/7 security, a cleaning service, internet connection and air conditioning mean you have the utmost of modern convenience and comfort. Between two and eight students live in the apartment, depending on size, and it includes a kitchen, bathroom (or multiple) and a common living space.  The Gianicolo Residence runs about $5,700 USD per semester - $1,650 in the summer session.

The second residence housing option at John Cabot would be the Viale Trastevere apartments. The university acquired the apartments to expand its housing options after the success of the Gianicolo Residence. In this residence, you'll be with up to 95 other JCU students, as well as interacting with your local Italian neighbors. The best of both worlds. Each apartment can house up to 9 students and they include kitchens, 2 bathrooms and small balconies. Minutes away from the tram line and a 20-25 minute walk from both the Guarini and Tiber campuses, it's a great way to get out of the bubble a bit and experience Rome. A Viale Trastevere apartment will run you about $4,800 USD per semester and$1,568 for the summer session.

With both the Gianicolo and Viale Trastevere options, you can also opt to pay more to upgrade to a single room, though this is subject to availability, costing around $1,100 USD ($300 for the summer session)

Lastly, if neither of these options tickle your fancy, or in the event that both Gianicolo and Viale Trastevere are full, the university can arrange an external apartment for you, through a third-party service. All apartments will have the standard amenities such as a kitchen, 1-2 bathrooms and a small common area, and will house around 4 to 6 students in double bedrooms.

Whatever your choice when you choose to study in Italy, all of the residences come with that beautiful Italian charm and warmth, and you'll have no trouble feeling right at home.

You can find out more about housing options and pricing by visiting the John Cabot Housing and Residential Life section of our website.

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