STAND Book Fundraiser: The Mission of the JCU Community

January 27, 2023
Students in the club's room for STAND book fundraiser

The community at John Cabot University is diverse, open-minded, and tight-knit. Intending to gain a global perspective and an outlook that aims to inspire transformative change worldwide, students take the lead in bringing their dreams to fruition. Many clubs and organizations exist on campus, where students band together with like-minded peers to lead events, trips, meetings, collaborations, and fundraisers that align with their goals.

The JCU STAND branch was created in 2009 and was the first of its kind in Europe. Members of this club are committed to this student-led international NGO that focuses on human rights issues around the globe. JCU students have found impactful ways to fundraise for their mission, making a difference in the lives of many. Continue reading to learn more about STAND’s mission and how students are fundraising for change.


Fundraising to Make an Impact

At the end of every semester, STAND collects used textbooks that are no longer needed by students. They hold onto them until the start of the next semester or summer session, where they then offer them to students in need in exchange for a voluntary donation to the club. Not only does this raise money for the organization’s mission, but it also keeps textbooks in circulation and provides access to students who need them. In just the first day of one of their book sales, STAND raised over 8,000 euros, which they were able to split up into donations made to various local charities, such as the local women’s shelters, foster care centers, refugee centers, soup kitchens, and more.



The JCU STAND branch’s book fundraiser benefits local and global human rights initiatives


Supporting Human Rights at JCU

In a commitment to support human rights, STAND once raised 10,000 euros from fundraising and built a house for refugees in Sudan with the proceeds, making an impact on the most vulnerable populations. With a mission to end genocide and other mass atrocities around the world, the JCU community is honoring the efforts of this NGO with all of its hard work. The JCU STAND chapter extends the organization’s mission to various additional human rights issues and focuses on improving the lives of refugees and migrants here in Rome, Italy. The club actively promotes their goals as they work to raise awareness of important social issues that are affecting its immediate community. Through advocating for disproportionately affected communities, STAND members can pursue improved living conditions for all.



STAND members collaborate to raise awareness on several social issues

Prioritizing Community Service as a Student Body

Fundraising is one major component of STAND, but students don’t stop there. While they study abroad in Rome, students who are members of STAND get to participate in a very community service-oriented club. Aiming their efforts at serving underprivileged communities within Rome, students of STAND work closely with the Office of Community Service. Together, they can plan service projects and events, garner support for their mission, and raise awareness of the issues impacting the local communities. These priorities reflect the profound desire for the greater JCU community to positively impact the world around them through shared knowledge, collaboration, and innovation.


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