The Career Value of Internships When Studying Political Science at JCU

January 19, 2024
A student attending university in Rome and studying Political Science

If you’re seeking a career that allows you to make a difference on a global scale, a Political Science degree is the right place to start. At John Cabot University, active learning is at the heart of our instruction method, providing our students various career-boosting opportunities. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with all the options and take full advantage of them. One excellent learning opportunity to consider as a Political Science student at JCU is participation in our internships. Keep reading to discover their valuable career benefits.  

Explore Several Interesting Political Career Paths

Many university students have a good idea of what career path they’d like to pursue. After all, that’s how they choose the right major for their career goals. However, many completing a generalized undergraduate degree find it challenging to narrow down their area of focus and carve a specific career path. Internships help to expose students to several paths they may not have considered otherwise. Many of our Political Science graduates find work in international institutions, global development organizations, diplomacy and foreign service, finance, law, and business. Our internships allow students to try paths that interest them and discover whether their initial goals align with their vision.


Two students attending university in Rome presenting on a podiumExplore your career options when you complete an internship at our university in Rome

Hone Your Skills Through Experience When You Study Political Science in Rome

When you study Political Science in Rome, much of your learning will be theoretical. So, if you’re a big reader and enjoy writing, you’ll probably do great. With that being said, it can be a challenge to understand the practical applications of the theory and put it into practice. Our internships provide a unique opportunity to see politics in action and hone your career-specific skills. For example, former student Federica Biasin completed an internship at the Il Sole 24 Ore Media factory in Rome, where she got to apply her theoretical knowledge.


A pair of students attending university in Rome talking on a bridgeHone your skills through firsthand experience when you major in political science


She recalls: “I was assigned to various tasks ranging from translating news to subtitling video content. However, most importantly, this incredible work experience exposed me to the multi-faceted operations of a newspaper, including coming up with story ideas for news reports, providing research support, and writing content for the Media Factory digital platform. I strongly believe that having the possibility to work in such a dynamic work environment alongside true professionals is the perfect opportunity to learn, challenge yourself, and develop concrete skills.” 


Connect With Our Vast Network of Political Organizations 

As you pursue a major in Political Science, taking an internship puts you in direct contact with reputable organizations in our network. JCU is proud to work with over 770 organizations, providing our students valuable work experience. Throughout your internship, practice your networking skills, as these will be integral to your ability to advance in your career. Try following these networking best practices to maximize results: 

  • Set clear networking goals 
  • Take every opportunity to share contact information with colleagues 
  • Always strive to provide value 
  •  Research the organization you’re interning with 
  • Learn about the people you’re working with 
  • Focus on building sincere connections 
  • Always follow up and maintain professional relationships


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