Meet JCU’s Model UN Society When You Study Abroad in Rome

August 17, 2021
JCU's Model United Nations session

The Model United Nations Society at John Cabot University is an enriching opportunity for students to engage with the challenges of a global future. Participation in Model UN fosters a sense of leadership, diplomacy, and community in an international space. Not only do students develop their knowledge of global political affairs, but they also forge meaningful connections with their peers.

International cooperation is the backbone of student and academic life at JCU. Encouraging relevant debate of contemporary issues is the perfect way for students to expand their outlook to meet the global demands of today. Let’s take a closer look at what our Model UN Society has to offer!


A Global Community at an American University in Italy

JCU offers a unique setting for international students to come together against the backdrop of a culturally enriching city. Rome is a historic hub of history and civilization, and a hotspot for international travel. Every year, students from over 80 countries around the world join the community at JCU. The Model UN Society at JCU is the perfect place for those students to engage with a concentration of different nationalities. 

Participants of Model UN contribute to the richness of cultural diversity. They have the chance to tap into a community of people looking to share their traditions and ideas. In one setting, students gain exposure to a world of foreign culture while they study abroad in Rome. Finding success in today’s global landscape requires communication and cooperation with individuals of different cultures. At Model UN, the contact with different perspectives is a chance to broaden your horizons and develop your global awareness. 


July 15 study international affairs in ItalyEngage with an international community while you study abroad in Rome


Training Future Leaders 

Model UN offers a taste of the demands and value of leadership. The society is a chance for students to debate issues of international concern and craft appropriate solutions. During debates, different members adopt different roles. As the chairperson, you’ll be expected to moderate debates to encourage productive discussion. Strong leadership skills are essential in this position. It’s your job to ensure every country speaks in turn, and that the discussion topic remains on point. A chairman also requires good evaluation skills when awarding the best delegates at the end of a conference. By learning how to manage and oversee different people, participants find the skills to become responsible leaders of tomorrow. 


July 15 study abroad in RomeDevelop your leadership skills through interactive debates


Teaching International Diplomacy 

For those who study international affairs in Italy, Model UN is a particularly rewarding experience to complement their area of academic interest. Model UN debates are diplomatic simulations that offer an interactive field of study. The setting teaches participants how contemporary international bodies work and the part they play in addressing modern challenges. Students learn the value of reasoned discussion in arriving at feasible solutions. 

Whether you’re interested in a career on the international stage, or simply looking to expand your understanding of global issues, Model UN is a valuable learning experience for any contemporary citizen. 



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