Exciting Opportunities in Student Government at JCU

August 12, 2021
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Student Government is a club that offers a productive channel for engaging with the community at John Cabot University. First and foremost, the JCU Student Government is committed to promoting the interests of all students - both Visiting and Degree Seeking. It is their job to voice the goals, desires, and concerns of the student body to the JCU Administration and Faculty to help pave the community experience.

Not only is this an opportunity to exercise your power for change, but you’ll have unparalleled insight into the ideas and perspectives of a diverse student body. JCU is home to a wealth of intellectual and cultural stimulation. By delving into the heart of the community with Student Government, you can learn from all that JCU students have to offer. Read on for a look at the opportunities available if you choose to become a student leader!


Communication and Leadership

Student Government at JCU is made up of students elected by the JCU student body along with four appointed Senate members - two from the Visiting Students and two from the incoming Degree Seeking class. Those students gain practical experience in a position of responsibility and learn what it takes to exercise leadership and communication skills to influence positive change. To run for election, candidates will develop a campaign poster and platform, simulating the real-world procedures of governments all over the world. 

With practical experience in university, students can find numerous professional applications of their skills. Nicholas Gambino, a JCU graduate in International Affairs, went on to work for Europcar Italia, with the goal “to address the issues of urban mobility in the private sector.” Of his experience at JCU, Nicholas said “they have guided me along the process of exploring my interests during my studies, providing me with relevant out-of-classroom experience that helped me to realize how to achieve my goals.”


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Gain practical experience for inciting positive change


Tap Into the Community at JCU

One of the many joys of studying abroad is the exposure to new people and cultures. If you choose to study abroad in Rome, you’ll be immersed in a diverse, inclusive, and vibrant student community.  Intellectual exchange, academic freedom, and responsibility are some of the key tenets of our student body. As an elected member of the Student Government, it’s your job to uphold those tenets. You’ll be an integral part of a forum designed to bring together different voices to promote lively discussion and student-led initiatives. Through dialogues that encourage the productive exchange of ideas, Student Government acts as a vessel for improving outreach to students, faculty, and administrators. With a cohesive community and an engaged student body, the learning experience at JCU goes well beyond the walls of the classroom. 


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Share new ideas and perspectives with the student community at JCU


International Student Leadership Conference

The JCU Student Government has a history of hosting the International Student Leadership Conference. The Conference brings together student leaders from the Association of American International Colleges and Universities (AAICU). This represents over 35,000 undergraduate students who are pursuing their studies at one of the American universities overseas. Member institutions promote the learning of democratic values to prepare graduates for the evolving climate of contemporary politics. 

The International Student Leadership Conference builds on this focus to foster cooperation around student leadership and government organization to further the aims of the AAICU. Meetings, social events, and discussions serve as forums for encouraging the involvement and outreach of student bodies. In today’s globalized world, teamwork and diplomacy are valuable tools. Members of Student Government gain an insight into effective strategies, channeling new ways of thinking to promote student investment in community solutions. 



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