Discover the World of Italian Cinema While You Study in Rome

January 25, 2022
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The Italian cinema scene began to explode in the early 1900s when American distributor, George Kleine, agreed to import Italian films. The film industry was impressed with how the Italians began to redefine film, incorporating literature and history into their works, creating longer and more robust movies than ever before. Here at John Cabot University, we understand the passion involved in Rome’s history and give students the opportunity to not only learn about but celebrate the rich culture of Italy.

JCU offers many introductory-level courses in Communications, exposing students to different methods of communication and media platforms, no matter their area of study. Exploring these fascinating topics in a city with so much history and relevance will take students on a transformative journey unlike any other. Read on to discover the world of Italian cinema at your fingertips when you choose to study at JCU.


Study in Rome to Experience the Intricacies of Italian Cinema

There is no denying that the Italian contributions to film have had a profound impact on the industry across the globe. When you pursue your education at JCU, you will be right in the heart of the city that these revolutionary artists used as their inspiration. Instructors at JCU encourage dialogue and use the city of Rome as a learning theater. To further explore topics found in Italian cinema, you will have the opportunity for visits - and even internships - at various museums, international galleries, and organizations when you study in Rome.

Extensive access to these historical monuments full of rich culture will help you connect your studies with the history of the city and the country as a whole. Italian film introduced historical concepts with such expressive, dramatic, and symbolic flair that expanded their productions to a wider audience, advancing the film industry domestically and internationally. With the thoughtful instruction found at JCU under the guidance of highly experienced professors, you will experience a personal and refined approach to understanding these Italian innovations in cinema.


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Access to historical monuments will help you immerse yourself in your courses when you study in Rome


Try Your Hand at Useful Film and Media Skills at JCU

Whether or not you’re interested in a career in the film industry, you can try your hand at a few different film and media skills that will be useful in other areas of your studies. While our Introduction to Cinema course focuses on film screenings and identifying various properties, styles, and narratives of film, our Writing Across the Media course gives students the opportunity to write various forms of media. These include writing for online media, press releases, strategic campaigns, and short scripts for visual and audio media as well as exercises to pitch their ideas.

Because of the global nature of a JCU degree, students are encouraged to explore fields outside of their major to expand their networks, form new relationships across disciplines, and expand their skills to prepare for the world after university. Skills learned in one course often help students to meet the demands of another. Whether or not you’re looking to study communications in Italy, you will be able to apply the skills learned in these courses to your field of study.


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Writing skills learned in our media courses translate to other writing-intensive courses


Become a Global Student with an Immersive Curriculum

Our mission at JCU is to enable students to appreciate, benefit from, and contribute to the richness of other cultures. Ancient Rome thrived as a city of immigrants who brought new ideas to the city to learn and grow from. Students at JCU are fully immersed in these cultures as they explore their studies, experiencing a community that thrives on communication, personal connection, and professional development.

Students who pursue junior and senior-level communications courses have the option to complete an internship for academic credit. Internships are facilitated through the Career Services Center, and once course requirements are met and the internship is approved, students can begin their hands-on field experience. The ability to combine your academic learning with short-term work experience will give you the fully immersive experience you are looking for to excel in your academic and professional career. 



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