Club Spotlight: Student Activities Board

January 14, 2020

The Student Activities Board at John Cabot University seeks to provide all students with the opportunity to become a closer Gladiator community.

SAB is organizing a student life celebration to take place this spring semester

By coming to JCU, whether it be for a semester or for four years, you already gain an enriching experience. However, this experience can be amplified with the help of the Student Activities Board. We plan a multitude of student life events here at JCU, ranging from karaoke nights to trivia competitions and concerts. The main goal of the Board is to provide students with the opportunity to become closer as a student body. As many of us are far from our homes, the best thing we can do is to establish a new family and a new home here at JCU. The Student Activities Board will always strive to make the University have a more united community.

There are obvious challenges that come with studying abroad, and sometimes it can be hard to adjust to all of the changes. The Student Activities Board serves to make this transition a little easier. While encouraging students to branch out and explore on their own, we also ensure that there are opportunities for students to get involved here at the University. Although ours is a rather "young" club here at JCU, we are doing our best create new opportunities for the student body to come together.

So...What do we do?:

SAB assisting with the 2019 Thanksgiving Dinner

The board members plan and advertise events throughout the semester. Beyond the events stated above, we also work with other clubs, such as the Multicultural Club and Student Government, to organize the best events. At our weekly meetings,we discuss upcoming events and potential projects for student life. Anyone in the community is welcome to join our weekly meetings to provide input or even to join the board. We are constantly striving to better our events and greatly rely on the feedback of others.

Our primary objective is to enhance the university experience by providing all students with entertaining, educational, and enriching programs and events.

The beauty of coming to JCU is that you are surrounded by such a diverse group of people who all came to this university aspiring to understand each other better. There's no better place than an American university to do just that, and the Student Activities Board is here to further this understanding by uniting all students--regardless of major, where they are from, or how long they are here for.

Jade is a JCU Student Ambassador. If you would like to get in contact with a Student Ambassador to ask questions about our degree programs, JCU student life, housing, career services, or anything else, you can schedule a call or email

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