4 Benefits of a Minor in Mathematics at Our Rome University

October 5, 2022
Studying Mathematics at JCU

If you’re wondering what Minor to choose as the complement to your main path of study, there’s no shortage of reasons to consider mathematics. If you’re a passionate problem-solver who is good with numbers, a mathematics minor is a great way to enhance your practical skills, expand your career opportunities, and further solidify your personal interests, talents, and aspirations. Not only will you develop strong communication and negotiation skills, but you’ll also become better equipped to manage your finances, all while learning a universal language.

At John Cabot University, our minor in mathematics is designed to allow students to choose courses most aligned with their interests. With only two required courses for the minor, mathematics students can create a path of study that’s more practical or theoretical, depending on their goals and interests in the field.

Below, discover four key benefits of minoring in Mathematics at JCU.


1. A Minor in Mathematics at Our Rome University Will Improve Key Soft Skills

When you choose to minor in mathematics while attending our American university abroad, you’ll not only be building knowledge of core mathematical concepts and problems, but you’ll also be developing some key soft skills. For one, mathematics students are highly capable problem-solvers, learning to understand abstract and practical problems, extract patterns and key indicators from data sets, and come up with logical solutions. Given their experience in logical problem-solving, mathematics minors also tend to be strong communicators and negotiators, presenting their arguments logically. What’s more, studying mathematics lends itself to great organizational skills and attention to detail, as well as the ability to work both in a team and independently. No matter what career path or field of graduate study you pursue, these soft skills will enhance your performance and general success and improve your employability.


image2Minoring in mathematics while you attend an American college in Rome will improve your ability to negotiate


2. Build Financial Skills

Not only is minoring in Mathematics beneficial for building key soft skills, but it’s also a great way to improve your ability to manage your finances. Skills like balancing a budget, computing your revenue, and spending will all be easy with a foundational understanding of mathematics. In addition, should you choose to pursue the more practical mathematical applications, you can gain experience in statistics, finance, and economics, all of which you can use to interpret better the return on an investment, the soundness of a financial decision, and much more.


3. Math is Applicable to Many Career Paths

With experience in mathematics, you’ll be a great candidate for a number of dynamic and lucrative career paths. After attending JCU’s Rome university and minoring in mathematics, you can go on to pursue careers in computer science, configuring the mathematical processes behind new computer systems. You might also pursue a career in economics, where you can conduct market analysis using your findings and projections to inform corporations and governing bodies and help them come up with new strategies and make informed decisions. Additionally, mathematics will be useful to a career in business, helping companies to enhance their profitability through strategic calculation. With options like these, your mathematics minor is sure to come in handy during your job search.


image3Minoring in mathematics will prepare you for a variety of career paths, such as working with computers


4. Math is a Universal Language

One of the greatest things about developing your mathematical skills? You’ll basically be able to speak another language – a universal one. Math can be understood in the same manner by people who don’t speak the same language or share the same culture, making it an extremely powerful resource as well as a tool for connection. What’s more, math is a great lens through which to understand the world around you since math is influential in countless aspects of our day-to-day life, such as forecasting weather, sports, time management, and more. 


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