3 Ways John Cabot University’s Career Services Supports You 

June 28, 2021
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For many students, the prospect of graduating and plunging into the job market can be daunting. That’s why here at John Cabot University, we prepare our students throughout their degree by offering assistance in deciding the right career path for them and understanding the necessary steps to achieve their goals. Our Center for Career Services provides events, information sessions, and networking opportunities to engage our students and alumni at all stages of their professional career development.

Here’s a closer look at what JCU’s Career Services has to offer both students and alumni! 


1. Take Part in Seminars and Events 

Throughout the school year, John Cabot hosts a series of seminars and events to provide students with insight into the job application process and the skills required for various careers. The professional landscape is constantly shifting, and employers are looking for candidates who are well-informed and fully prepared to meet their expectations. 

Our series of webinars cover everything, from writing CVs and cover letters to optimizing your LinkedIn profile to professional marketing strategies. Offering general guidance and information tailored to specific careers, JCU’s seminars and events have something for everyone. Our online resources are accessible to all students and alumni of JCU who are looking for expert advice on today’s job market. 


Informative seminars help students to navigate the current job market


2. Career Fairs Hosted by John Cabot

If you’re exploring the various career paths open to you after university in Italy, consider attending JCU’s Career Fairs. Career Fairs are held twice throughout the Fall semester, offering students and alumni the chance to explore their future careers, hone their interview skills, and network with prospective companies and organizations. Some of the many companies that attend JCU’s Career Fairs include Caffeina, Orienta, Dorchester Collection, and CRM Partners. 

JCU students and alumni can sign up through our website once the registration process is open. Requirements for registration include a minimum 2.5 GPA and a valid permit to stay in Italy. 


Meet with prospective employers at Career Fairs hosted by John Cabot University


3. Benefit from Internship Opportunities

Our Center for Career Services prides itself on offering valuable resources to JCU students and alumni to prepare them for successful entry into the job market. Internships are an increasingly important feature of job applications, demonstrating your interest and commitment to your desired field. That’s why JCU’s Career Services offers internships for both full-time and visiting students. Internships are granted on the basis of academic achievement and the evaluation of the host company. While our internships are highly competitive, our career services are committed to assisting students. Resources include JCU’s social media channels, which are updated regularly to offer students the latest information and employment opportunities. 



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