3 Reasons to Start a Master’s in International Affairs This Year

April 5, 2024
Two students earning a master’s in international affairs posing in Rome

Understanding international affairs is more crucial than ever in today's evolving global landscape. The Master's in International Affairs at John Cabot University fully prepares students to understand and navigate the complexities of the modern world. It represents a gateway to making a significant impact on the world stage. 

As we look ahead at the rest of 2024 and beyond, a Master’s degree in International Affairs remains an excellent career move for any global citizen looking to make a difference. Here are three compelling reasons why earning a Master’s degree in International Affairs at JCU this year is a decision you won't regret.


1. Navigating a Changing World with a Master’s in International Affairs

The world is facing complex challenges that require informed and nuanced responses. From climate change to geopolitical tensions, the need for skilled professionals in international affairs has never been greater. A Master's in International Affairs equips you with the knowledge and skills to effectively analyze and address these issues.

From what we've observed in 2024, events in any part of the world can have ripple effects. For this reason, understanding the dynamics of international relations is essential. Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers global governance, international economics, human rights, and more, preparing you to navigate the interconnectedness of our world.


2. Career Opportunities and Growth

A Master’s in International Affairs opens doors to many career opportunities in diplomacy, international organizations, non-profits, and the private sector. Our graduates have worked for prestigious institutions such as the United Nations, the European Union, and leading NGOs.

Micheal Driessen, professor of Political Science and International Affairs here at JCU, highlighted in a recent discussion: “We have a number of students who go on to work in international NGOs, and others who work in international governmental organizations like the UN or the EU–often here in Rome, at places like the World Food Programme…Other students go more directly into politics, foreign service of their countries, whether that be the United States, the Middle East, or wherever they're from.”

Professor Driessen explained, “Then we have quite a few students who head into the financial sector, working for international companies that require people with real knowledge of the international world system. And other students do things like risk management or consulting.” 


A student attending university in Rome posing in front of a vintage carA Master’s in International Affairs will prepare you to thrive in a variety of careers


Our program emphasizes developing critical skills such as negotiation, cultural sensitivity, and strategic thinking. These skills are highly valued in today's job market and can set you apart in your professional journey. The demand for professionals with a deep understanding of international affairs is increasing, making this an opportune time to pursue a Master's in this field.


3. Being at the Heart of History

Studying at our university in Rome gives students a unique perspective on international affairs. Our university's location offers unparalleled access to global organizations, embassies, and cultural institutions, enhancing your learning experience.

You'll be able to engage with faculty and students worldwide, broadening your understanding of global perspectives and building a robust professional network. Being at the heart of history allows you to witness and participate in the unfolding of international events, providing a real-world context to your studies.


A class of students attending university in Rome listening to a lecture in an old churchRome, a beacon of political history, is the backdrop of our Master’s in International Affairs


Embarking on a Master's in International Affairs at John Cabot University in 2024 is a decision that promises not only academic enrichment but also personal and professional growth. 

In a world that demands agile and informed leaders, our program is designed to prepare you for the challenges and opportunities of the future. We invite you to take the first step towards shaping your global career and making a meaningful impact on the world stage.


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