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March 16, 2024
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As most developed societies in the world can attest, entrepreneurship is the engine of innovation. It drives economic growth, creates new job opportunities, and responds to societal needs with creative solutions.

Entrepreneurs throughout modern economic history are credited with the truly radical innovations that have changed the face of the world, such as the airplane, telephone, and computer. Ironically, rapid technological advancements are set to create new challenges for the future workforce, meaning entrepreneurial skills are not just advantageous, they're essential.

Here at JCU, we believe that embedding the essence of entrepreneurship into our business curriculum equips our students with the mindset and tools necessary to lead, innovate, and thrive in any professional endeavor. Why? Because entrepreneurship is not just about starting companies; it’s about cultivating a mindset that thrives on creativity, problem-solving, and making a meaningful impact. This blog post explains why entrepreneurship is crucial in today’s business landscape and how JCU fosters these essential skills.


Entrepreneurship Drives Innovation and Creativity

The global business environment's changing dynamics pose both challenges and opportunities for the workforce, signaling unprecedented challenges ahead. The difference between people with an entrepreneurial mindset and others boils down to where others see problems, entrepreneurs think outside the box and see opportunities.

In a recent lecture delivered at JCU, Jonathan Aberman, partner at Ruxton Ventures, describes an entrepreneur as “an individual who seizes opportunities, assumes leadership, embraces the journey, possesses tenacity, adaptability, self-confidence, and self-reflection, and doesn’t fear failure. It is not a career based on monetary gain; it is a way of life. It is a persona that thrives in life’s unpredictabilities and embraces discomfort.”

Despite the challenges inherent in modern business, opportunities also abound. The creativity to spot opportunities in challenges, and the determination to harness these opportunities, can often be the difference between success and failure in business.

When you study business in Rome, you'll get to cultivate the mindset necessary to thrive both during your undergraduate program and within the larger context of life after graduation. In addition to this, through academic rigor and experiential learning opportunities, our entrepreneurship program is structured to help you develop such skills as creativity, networking, collaboration, responsibility, and grit, which will stand you in good stead for personal and professional success, irrespective of whichever career path you choose to pursue.


A female student with a major in business holding up a national geographic magazine in the school libraryA major in business at JCU will help hone your creativity and innovation skills


Entrepreneurship Prepares You for an Uncertain Future

Driven by notable technological advancements, the face of the modern workforce is rapidly changing. With almost 50% of roles set to be fully automated in 2055, these are concerning times for members of the global business workforce.

This is why entrepreneurship is important, perhaps now more than ever. At the Frank J. Guarini School of Business in collaboration with the Institute for Entrepreneurship, students are challenged to investigate and provide innovative solutions to modern business challenges.

Through submitting a capstone project, participating in our Learn Do Share program,  and an internship placement, you will get several opportunities to explore and experience first-hand some of the business challenges organizations face and learn from watching experienced industry professionals in action. These experiences, so early in your career, can help you build the necessary knowledge and skills to innovate, adapt to change, and future-proof your career. 


Entrepreneurship Gives You Access to Invaluable Mentorship and Collaboration Opportunities

A sole proprietorship is one of the most common types of entrepreneur-run businesses, but entrepreneurship is by no means a solo journey. It thrives on mentorship, networking, and collaboration. Studying business and entrepreneurship at our world-class university in Rome offers students unfettered access to a network of successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders.


A class of students with a major in business holding a business society meetingYou Gain access to invaluable mentorship when you study business in Rome at JCU


The Business Society at John Cabot University is a student-led group that allows member students to interact with colleagues from around the world, share and gain insights from the experiences of seniors and alumni, and build up a network of global connections.

In addition to these, the Italy Starts and Mentors for Entrepreneurial Growth Programs championed by our Institute for Entrepreneurship are invaluable sources of guidance and support, which can be useful in helping you make solid decisions and avoid potential pitfalls on your journey to entrepreneurial success.

Speaking of pitfalls, there will be many on the road of a budding entrepreneur. But, as JCU alumnus and successful entrepreneur Raymond Bartolomucci advises, consistency is key. “The biggest challenge is staying consistent. There will be many challenges and obstacles that arise during your entrepreneurial journey, but if you never give up and stay true to the process, you will eventually be successful”.


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