Why Earn a Political Science Degree as a Future Journalist

March 28, 2024
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At John Cabot University, we stay on the cutting edge of every field our students pursue, including our Political Science degree program, which aligns with modern advancements and major industry changes. The field of journalism, closely tied to political science, has experienced dramatic upheaval over the years, with contemporary journalists accessing a vastly different set of tools than their predecessors.

Still, due to our commitment to community engagement, active learning, and research opportunities, JCU remains fully connected to the principles of journalism, which will continue to matter even amidst dramatic industry changes.

If you’re seeking to understand the rapidly evolving landscape of journalism and the multifaceted skills required to excel in this competitive field, you may wonder which degree will best prepare you for a successful career in journalism. While various paths can lead to journalism, our Political Science degree program particularly stands out, offering an unparalleled, unique, comprehensive foundation. 


A Political Science Degree Provides a Foundation in Critical Thinking and Analysis

Influential journalism involves more than reporting facts; it’s also about understanding the complexities of the stories behind those facts. A Political Science degree from JCU equips students with the critical thinking and analytical skills to dissect political events, policies, and their impacts on society through a nuanced, liberal arts lens.

No matter what medium they choose, these skills are essential for journalists who aim to provide depth, context, and clarity in their reporting, enabling them to craft stories that inform, engage, and provoke thought among their audience.


A student attending university in Rome walking outsideCritical thinking is a central skill practiced in a Political Science degree 


Global Perspective in a Historical Context

Rome is a unique and enriching backdrop for our Political Science degree program and integral to our didactic method. The city’s rich political history provides a unique context for studying Political Science, offering students first hand insight into European politics and international relations dynamics. 

This global perspective is invaluable for journalists, who must navigate and report on issues that transcend national borders. Understanding the historical context behind current events allows journalists to add depth to their stories, making them more relatable and impactful to a diverse audience.


Real-World Application and Experience

JCU's Political Science program is designed with theory in mind and a strong emphasis on practical application. Students engage in internships, workshops, seminars, and research assistantships that expose them to real-world political issues and journalistic practices.

This hands-on experience is crucial for budding journalists, allowing them to apply their academic knowledge in real-world scenarios, build their portfolios, and network with professionals in the field.


A student attending university in Rome doing coursework outsideOur Political Science degree prepares students to be ethical journalists


Ethical Considerations and Responsibility at Our University in Rome

Journalism is a powerful tool that, if misused, can mislead public opinion and undermine democracy. At our university in Rome, we emphasize the ethical considerations inherent in political science and journalism. 

Our curriculum instills in students a strong sense of responsibility towards their audience and society, teaching them to weigh the implications of their reporting and strive for accuracy, fairness, and integrity. These principles are essential in today’s fast-paced and often polarized media landscape.


Our American University in Rome Offers a Network of Opportunities

Graduating from JCU with a degree in Political Science opens doors to a network of alumni and professionals in the political and journalistic fields. Our alumni have gone on to successful careers in journalism, working for reputable international news organizations and leveraging the skills and insights gained from their Political Science studies at JCU. 

This network serves as a valuable resource for job placements and career advice and as a community of like-minded individuals committed to making a difference through their work.


Preparing for a Changing Landscape

The field of journalism is constantly evolving, with new media platforms and technologies emerging rapidly. A Political Science degree from JCU prepares students for this dynamic environment by fostering adaptability and a lifelong love for learning. Our graduates are equipped to navigate the complexities of global news, analyze and report on political developments.


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