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February 9, 2024
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Strong written communication skills are a crucial competency for academic success. This is particularly true of disciplines that fall under the liberal arts umbrella. With a strong understanding of course material, your ability to think critically about various subjects and communicate your thoughts effectively will help you thrive academically. Knowing that many students need more confidence in their writing skills, we provide access to a resource called the Writing Center. Keep reading to discover how John Cabot University's Writing Center supports your success and how to schedule your first appointment. 


Why You Should Use the JCU Writing Center

There are many reasons why a student may struggle with writing. As briefly mentioned, more confidence is needed. It can result in a limited ability to express one’s thoughts freely and creatively. For others, perfectionism gets in the way of writing productivity. Setting unrealistically high standards for your first draft could cause a significant case of writer’s block.

A lack of early exposure to literacy is another common culprit for writing woes since reading develops an understanding of various styles, literary devices, and grammatical rules. No matter your writing challenge, John Cabot University's Writing Center is available to provide individualized support starting in the third week of the term and continuing through to finals.


A JCU student receiving writing tutoring from a mentorNo matter what your writing needs, the JCU writing center can help


How We’ll Help You

The Writing Center provides free, one-hour consultations to all of our students. We’ll help you at any stage of the writing process, including: 

  • Brainstorming, choosing a topic, developing research questions
  • Formulating a thesis, building an argument, drafting, and revising
  • Grammar, organization, clarity, and style
  • Evaluating and integrating source information
  • MLA/APA documentation and formatting
  • Writing statements of purpose/personal statements, cover letters, and resumes/CVs

The Writing Center strives to foster independent writing and editing skills, so we don’t offer proofreading or correction services for papers. We find a collaborative effort far more effective for skill development. The Writing Center can be a significant asset to any student at our university in Rome but has proven to be a lifeline for many students who have spoken English as their second language for years. Alumnus Andrei Marcu from Romania: “As a non-native English speaker, the Writing Center and the Tutoring Center have been my best friends. The professors and students who work in these centers have been a huge help.”


A group of JCU students writing together outsideThe JCU writing center is designed to improve students’ writing skills for academic success


How to Plan Your Visit

How can you plan your first visit to the Writing Center? We make the process quite simple for students. You’re able to schedule two appointments per week. Need additional support? Simply come to the Critelli Annex for a walk-in session. It’s essential that you’re punctual, or else you run the risk of losing your appointment to another student when you’re late. For the best results, be sure to show up prepared. Print two copies of your draft and bring any texts or materials that could help understand the nature of your assignment. 


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