4 Career Paths To Consider With An Italian Studies Degree In Rome

September 20, 2023
Four Italian Studies students exploring Rome

Italian studies at John Cabot University is a rigorous, interdisciplinary program that prepares students to thrive in various interesting careers. Not only will you develop fluency in the Italian language, but you will also study influential Italian literature, the intricacies of Italian culture, and politics. Our multifaceted curriculum enables students to choose areas of specialization based on their interests to pursue their careers of choice in a focused manner. 

In addition to high-quality instruction from our diverse faculty, students can enrich their education with a range of active learning activities, including onsite learning and internships. Suppose you’ve fallen in love with Italian culture like many of our students and faculty members. In that case, you can channel your passion into a fulfilling career in various industries. Keep reading to discover some pathways to explore as you earn a B.A in Italian Studies at John Cabot University. 


1. Pursue A Career In Translation After Earning An Italian Studies Degree In Rome 

With its emphasis on Italian language learning, our Italian Studies program will leave you fully prepared to pursue a career in translation. In an increasingly international market, translation services continue to grow in demand. If you share our fascination for the beauty of the Italian language, you may find translation and interpretation quite exciting.


Two students completing an Italian studies degree in Rome studying together

Excellent career paths to explore after completing an Italian studies degree in Rome


Translation involves converting written information from one language to another, while interpretation involves converting verbal information from one language to another in real-time. Depending on what interests you most and where your strengths lie, when you complete an Italian Studies degree in Rome, you will be ready to be a competitive candidate in either industry. You’ll stand out due to the uniquely immersive experience that John Cabot provides for students. Living like an Italian local will be invaluable for effective language acquisition and your success in translation and interpretation. 


2. Use Your Knowledge Of All Things Italian To Thrive In Tourism 

Your interest in studying at John Cabot suggests that you appreciate the beauty of Italy. In June 2023, Italy’s tourism industry amassed a whopping 5.9 billion US dollars. The richness and beauty of Italian culture whispers of the past through art and architecture. Gorgeous green landscapes and delicious cuisine ensure that tourism will always be integral to the Italian economy. When you complete an Italian studies degree with us, you’ll be prepared to pursue a rewarding and lucrative career in the field due to your well-rounded knowledge of Italy and its culture. 


3. Consider An Interesting Media Career After Earning A B.A. In Italian Studies 

A career in the media industry has a vast array of options to offer. Traditionally, media careers involve television, print publication, and radio work. Still, since the mass dissemination of knowledge has been transferred to the internet, more career opportunities within the media industry have emerged. For example, social media management has become an invaluable PR tool for organizations worldwide, requiring a strong command of language, business savvy, and cultural awareness - all competencies emphasized in our Italian studies program.

Look forward to representing the Italian businesses and organizations that matter to you throughout your career.


A student completing an Italian studies degree in Rome working on a media project

Italian Studies At John Cabot will prepare you for a successful career in Italian media


4. Explore Italy’s Business World After Your Studies 

In addition to language and culture, our students can explore how Italian politics and business have evolved. This part of our program mainly benefits those interested in an international business pathway. We provide the perfect avenue for students to combine their interest in the Italian language and culture with the principles of business administration in our course: Made In Italy: The Italian Business Environment. Here’s a sneak peek at this illuminating course! 

“Managing a business in Italy is very different from managing one in many other parts of the world. Italy’s business environment is relationship-oriented rather than information-oriented, which has an influence not only on business practices but also on business etiquette.  The course considers Italy’s different management styles and the influence that various factors, such as geographical ones, have on them, as well as how the European Union affects Italian corporate activities.” Read more about the course and how you’ll be well-prepared to pursue a career in the Italian business world here


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