How a Political Science Degree at JCU Can Prepare You for Law School

June 24, 2024
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If you're considering law school, you might wonder about the best undergraduate path to get there. Fortunately, we have some guidance to share. John Cabot University’s Political Science degree offers a comprehensive foundation to set you up for success in law school. 

Keep reading to learn how our  Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at JCU can help you excel in your legal studies and beyond.


We Provide a Profound Understanding of Political Structures and Institutions

One of the cornerstones of JCU's Political Science program is the systematic analysis of political structures and institutions. By studying the organization and function of government systems, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the frameworks within which laws are created and enforced. 

This knowledge is crucial for law school, where a solid grasp of the governmental context can provide valuable insights into the legislative process and judicial decisions.


Learn by Analyzing Power and Governance

Our Political Science degree focuses on theoretical and methodological aspects of power and governance. Whether examining legislative systems, international relations, or social movements, you'll learn to critically interrogate how political power is distributed, maintained, and challenged. 

These analytical skills are directly transferable to the study of law, where you'll need to understand and critique legal systems, policies, and practices.

A Holistic Approach: Emphasizing Behavioral and Historical Aspects

Our Political Science degree program emphasizes political life's behavioral and historical aspects. Understanding the historical context of laws and legal systems is essential for aspiring lawyers. 

Our curriculum thoroughly studies American, European, and international politics, giving you a broad perspective on how legal systems have evolved and operate today.



Look forward to a holistic learning experience when earning a Political Science degree in Rome

Prepare for Globalized Legal Practices in Our Political Science Degree Program

In an increasingly globalized world, having a solid foundation in international politics is invaluable. When you study Political Science in Rome, you’re getting a regional focus on the European and broader Mediterranean context, reflecting Rome’s unique position as a hub of political and religious significance. 

This global perspective prepares you for the international dimensions of legal practice, whether you aim to work in international law, diplomacy, or global advocacy.


In-Depth Study Opportunities

The Political Science program at JCU offers in-depth coursework in various areas critical to a legal career. From global public policy to human rights and peace and conflict studies, our curriculum is designed to provide a thorough grounding in issues often at the heart of legal disputes and legislative efforts. This breadth of study will give you a well-rounded perspective that is highly beneficial for law school.



Our Political Science degree program explores topics in great depth

Building a Strong Foundation for Law School

Ultimately, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from JCU equips you with the critical thinking, analytical skills, and global perspective essential for law school. By providing a comprehensive education in political structures, governance, and historical context, our program prepares you to tackle the challenges of legal studies with confidence and insight.

Choosing a political science degree at John Cabot University is a strategic step toward a successful legal career. With our rigorous curriculum, focus on global perspectives, and the rich historical context of studying in Rome, you will be well-prepared to excel in law school and beyond. Explore our program's opportunities and take the first step towards a rewarding career in law.


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