The Value Of The Community Service Program When Studying Abroad At JCU

March 6, 2024
JCU students volunteering in Rome

Are you curious about studying abroad in Rome? If so, you’re in for plenty of exciting, educational experiences. At JCU, we pride ourselves on creating and delivering enriching learning activities. We also understand the importance of personal growth particularly in a student’s university years. Connection with the local community presents the perfect opportunity for building a sense of purpose, belonging, and pride. As a result, we provide many opportunities for our students to give back to those within our community who need connection, help, and empowerment. Keep reading to learn the value of our Community Service Program. Gain new experiences, help others, and grow as a self-actualized global citizen. 

Community Service Is Vital To Personal Development 

The aim of our community service program is to create a caring community that respects and embraces diversity. We encourage students to learn from the individual differences of community members and empower them by providing them with the help and compassion they need. By empowering others, our students learn how to empower themselves and enjoy a deepened sense of purpose. As you participate in our Community Service Program, you will be prepared to think critically about the world around you, be more empathetic towards others, and increase your sense of social responsibility. By placing students at the forefront of social change, the community service program compels them to act in response to the needs of those around them no matter where they are.


student serving breakfast as they study abroad in Rome

The community service program at our university in Rome can promote positive personal development


Community Service Prepare You For Global Citizenship When You Study Abroad In Rome

When you study abroad in Rome with us, you receive a unique opportunity to engage with a vast network of international organizations and many different cultures. The Community Service Program at JCU will increase your awareness of issues affecting those in different parts of the world. Students learn about cross-cultural collaboration when they participate in our highschool outreach program. This community service activity involves becoming a mentor to students in Italian high schools, teaching them English, practicing your Italian, and learning about one another. Through programs like these, students can expand their comfort level by interacting with those from varying backgrounds - a valuable competency for anyone seeking to embrace global citizenship. 


Give Back To The Community That Hosts Your Study Abroad Experience 

We feel fortunate to be located in such a beautiful, diverse location where locals are so welcoming. For that reason, we seek to give back to the community that hosts us in order to show our gratitude. We encourage our students to do the same in order to continue the mutually beneficial relationship we share with the Roman community.


students displaying their certificates of participation as they study abroad in Rome

Get a certificate of participation when you give back to the Roman community with our university in Rome


Of course, in addition to the satisfaction of helping others, students at our university in Rome are rewarded for their contributions when they complete at least fifteen hours of volunteering in a semester and take part in at least two classroom experiences (lectures, seminars, and workshops on humanitarian topics). Our students also have the opportunity to earn a Service Honor Cord when they go above and beyond to give back to the community, completing over sixty five hours of volunteer service. These two distinctions make excellent additions to your international resume and serve as a reminder of the unique experience you shared with us. 


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