The Role of the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs at JCU

May 10, 2024
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The field of International Affairs is dynamic and broad. Success in the field requires an education that mirrors the nature of this essential and meaningful line of work. JCU's Department of Political Science and International Affairs has designed our programs to engage students in the field through the many career-focused resources available.

One of these resources is the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs, helping students understand and engage with the complex world of public affairs. Join us as we explore the Guarini Institute, what it offers, and the benefits you can expect from participating. Let’s get started.


The Guarini Institute for Public Affairs at JCU

Established through the generosity of the Honorable Frank J. Guarini, a John Cabot University Trustee, the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs is a beacon of knowledge and insight. Under the leadership of Director Federigo Argentieri, PhD, and Coordinator Jacqueline Falk Maggi, the Institute has become a hub for intellectual exchange and learning.


A JCU student and a professor conversing in front of a fountainJCU’s Guarini Institute offers lectures, seminars, and encounters focussing on key global issues


The Guarini Institute offers an annual series of lectures, seminars, and encounters designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of key global issues. These events focus mainly on the challenges facing the United States and Europe. They provide a platform for renowned experts, policymakers, and scholars to share their perspectives, offering students a front-row seat to the discussions shaping our world.

Recently, the institute presented an event called: War in the Middle East: Regional and Global Perspectives. Experts, scholars, and students came together to discuss the conflict that began on October 7th and continues to unfold today, exploring various perspectives. This is just one example of the enriching experiences you can expect when you study International Affairs in Rome with us. 


What the Guarini Institute Offers

The Guarini Institute of Public Affairs at JCU offers many academic and career resources to students who participate. Firstly, diverse learning opportunities provide students with a uniquely enriching learning environment. The institute's events cover various topics, from international relations and political science to economics and human rights.

This diversity ensures that students from various disciplines can find something relevant to their studies. It also mirrors the interdisciplinary nature of International Affairs and teaches students about the opportunities awaiting graduation.


A JCU student working on his laptop outsideThe Guarini Institute of Public Affairs at JCU offers many academic and career resources


Through the Guarini Institute of Public Affairs, students have the unique opportunity to engage directly with leading figures in the field of public affairs. This interaction allows for a deeper understanding of complex issues and provides valuable networking opportunities.

The lectures and seminars offered by the Guarini Institute provide students with insights into real-world challenges and the practical applications of theoretical knowledge. This exposure is invaluable for students pursuing careers in public affairs, policy-making, or diplomacy.


Benefits to Our Students

The Guarini Institute complements JCU's academic programs by providing an additional layer of learning and understanding. It enriches the educational experience and fosters a more comprehensive understanding of global affairs.

Exposure to experts and practitioners in public affairs provides students with a unique opportunity to develop professionally. It allows them to build networks, gain insights into potential career paths, and enhance their resumes.

The Institute's focus on issues affecting all areas offers students a broader global perspective. This understanding is crucial in today's interconnected world and is highly valued by employers across various industries.

The Guarini Institute for Public Affairs at John Cabot University is an academic resource and a gateway to understanding the complexities of our world. It offers our students an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the best, engage with critical issues, and prepare for successful careers in public affairs and beyond.

The Guarini Institute is the perfect place to start if you want to broaden your horizons and deepen your understanding of global issues.


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