The African Culture Club: Engaging International Students in Italy

March 5, 2022
Students at the African Cultural Club art show

When you attend John Cabot University in Rome, you’ll have the opportunity to join a diverse community of students from all over the world within an environment that fosters social and cultural engagement and inclusiveness.

The Africans in the World Cultural Club at JCU seeks to create an inclusive environment where students can socialize and engage with African culture, politics, and people through various educational and social programs and events. Through the Africans in the World Cultural Club, you can get involved in bringing African culture into conversations with other cultural backgrounds, as well as enriching your own global perspective while studying in a culturally diverse community.


Experience the Afrobeats Dance Class at our University in Italy

With the aim of bringing diverse communities together, the Africans in the World Cultural Club set up the Afrobeats dance class. The Afrobeats dance class occurs several times a year and brings together different cultural student bodies within the JCU campus to enjoy music and engage with one another, creating a sense of community. It’s a time to dance, have fun, and enjoy and celebrate African culture. When you choose to study abroad in Italy at JCU, you'll appreciate the many enriching things that the people around you bring into your life.


Mar 3 study abroad in Italy

When you study abroad in Italy at JCU, you’ll get the chance to join the Afrobeat dance class


Experience African Art Through Events That Celebrate African Heritage

The Africans in the World Cultural Club also organizes events that celebrate African art and culture. For example, in 2018 it organized its inaugural African Art Gallery event, which showcased African art, music, and food. More recently, it organized another event celebrating African heritage in its many forms. Students had the opportunity to enjoy and learn more about Cameroonian fashion, Ghanaian dance, Zimbabwean marriage culture, and more!

These events help engage the diverse community of international students in Italy at JCU, as well as raise awareness about African art and culture. Whether you want to celebrate your culture or learn more about the African diaspora, these events are not to be missed.


Mar 3 international students in Italy

The African Art Gallery is an opportunity to enjoy art, music, fashion, and food during your studies at JCU


Organizing Important Discussions About Colorism and Gender Roles

While organizing fun events focused on dance, great art, and terrific food is an important part of the work that the Africans in the World Cultural Club do, so too is raising awareness about important issues and fighting injustice. The Africans in the World Cultural Club is here to make a difference, which it has been accomplishing through roundtable discussions and other events. In the past, it was worked on breaking down and debunking harmful stereotypes still affecting people of color today. It has also participated in a Global virtual summit on sustainability hosted by Hamad Bin Khalifa University, the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and the Green Institute of Nigeria. Whether speaking out about injustice, fostering discussion, or raising awareness, the Africans in the World Cultural Club is here to help others and make a real difference.

Whether you want to affect positive change, celebrate your culture and heritage, meet other students, or help plan important events, there are many reasons why you might want to join JCU’s Africans in the World Cultural Club. Because whether it’s through the discussions and movie festival is held during Black History Month, or the Afrobeats events it organizes, the Africans in the World Cultural Club is an important part of our school’s community.



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