3 Career Paths After You Study International Affairs in Italy

August 19, 2022

A background in international affairs provides students with a solid understanding of contemporary global issues, creating opportunities to develop valuable skills essential in a wide range of careers. With this degree, you can expand your perspective and career prospects by learning about international institutions and global policy-making.

As a student at John Cabot University, you can gain inspiration from Rome’s unique history and multicultural community, which is bustling with international institutions, organizations, and diplomats. Through the university’s curriculum, you can explore key concepts in global justice, public policy, religion and politics, peace and conflict resolution, human rights, and global political theory. These concepts can also be explored through an interdisciplinary lens, allowing you to pursue a broader collection of career paths. Read on to discover some of your options! 


1. Consider a Future in International Policy 

International policy is one of many career paths for international affairs students. You’ll likely be researching and analyzing data as an international policy officer or analyst. This can include information on political systems as well as different policies and legislation across various sectors in international relations. In this role, you may evaluate policies, provide policy recommendations, and liaise with internal and external contacts. 

After completing your degree at an American university in Italy, you may choose to work in the government, at a corporation, or at a humanitarian organization. You can rely on your strong communication and critical thinking skills to complete your tasks. Being an efficient researcher with a passion for making a difference can also help propel you forward in this career path. 


July 28 university in Rome

You benefit from our diverse community and develop intercultural communication skills for career success


2. Explore Careers in International Business after University in Rome

Students looking to study international affairs in Italy, along with other subjects, can benefit from a wider perspective. You can combine your studies with business through an interdisciplinary approach to explore your potential in international business. With this background, you may find exciting career opportunities at global financial business law firms and corporations.

Giovanni Raguso, a JCU alumnus from the class of 2019, double majored in International Affairs and International Business. In his view, “good politicians should know about businesses operating in their country just like good business people should know about policies regulating the market.” Giovanni’s studies allowed him to gain valuable experiences in the field, including working for the Italian Government and the National Coordination Center of the Internal Market Information System—which “allowed [him] to gain insight into how the European Union functions.”


July 28 American university in Italy

'Combining international business with international affairs can help you explore broader career prospects


3. Apply Your Skills in Diplomacy and Foreign Service Careers

Students with a background in international affairs can opt to pursue careers in diplomacy, potentially becoming diplomatic service officers. In this position, you’ll work in foreign policy, playing a critical role in shaping international and diplomatic relations. 

Responsibilities will vary depending on your location, though you may be tasked with drafting reports, liaising with high commissions and embassies, organizing ministerial and diplomatic visits, as well as responding to public queries. To succeed in this role, you’ll need to rely on your strong understanding of different cultures, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, flexibility, resourcefulness, and efficient decision-making skills. 

By pursuing any of these career paths, you can use your passion and current skills to work for a brighter future—positively impacting your community.



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