The Institute for Entrepreneurship: Get Hands-On Experience While You Study in Rome

November 12, 2015

Liberal arts universities are known for cultivating great critical thinkers, writers, and communicators. On top of that, studying abroad helps you develop a keen sense of cross-cultural awareness and an international network. Combine that with the practical hands-on skills you can get at JCU’s Institute for Entrepreneurship and you have a recipe for career success!

At John Cabot University, students who dream of one day running their own business have the opportunity to learn start-up fundamentals while completing a degree in their chosen discipline.

The JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship is dedicated to making all of this possible. Here’s how we can help you learn what it takes to get a fresh idea off the ground, earn valuable real-world experience, and perhaps one day become your own boss:

1. A Minor in Entrepreneurship: Get Down to Business While You Study in Rome

The JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship is strategically aligned with the popular Minor in Entrepreneurship, which students can combine with their chosen major.

Want to major in Art History, Classical Studies, Humanistic Studies or English Literature, but would love to boost your business savvy along the way? The Minor in Entrepreneurship is the ideal way to achieve that one-two punch of theory and practical training.

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A JCU student speaks with her academic advisor about her career goals.

Students pursuing a Minor in Entrepreneurship gain access to for-credit internships and specialized courses tailored to their unique professional ambitions.

For example, you may want to put that Art History degree to work by opening your own gallery after graduation. If you pursue JCU’s Art History Degree with a Minor in Entrepreneurship, you can supplement your studies with a gallery internship and practical business courses like “Curating Museums and Galleries.

And it goes without saying that Art History students who study in Rome have their pick of world-class organizations and institutions at which to complete an internship!

2. Hands-On Internships: Helping You Compete in Today’s Job Market

JCU maintains a network of connections with local business owners in Rome, some of whom are JCU alumni, who are happy to take JCU interns underwing and give them a real taste of entrepreneurial life.

Considering working for an established company after graduation before striking out on your own?

When you add internship experience to your resume, you instantly boost your competitive potential on today’s job market. Employers value candidates with practical experience because they are more likely to understand the dynamics and demands of real-world business environments - and can hit the ground running as new hires.


JCU events, The Institute for Entrepreneurship, Get Hands-On Experience While You Study in Rome, JCU career opportunities, study abroad in Rome, Why it is important to study abroad, hands on experience for university students, John cabot career fair
A student (left) connects with local professionals at John Cabot’s Career Fair.


3. Student Resources and Business Skill-building Activities

As well as internships, the Institute for Entrepreneurship offers a variety of on- and off-campus learning opportunities.

Local entrepreneurs regularly visit classes to share their experiences launching a start-up. Entrepreneurship courses also feature on-site visits, so students can see these business leaders in action!

The Institute hosts annual business plan and elevator pitch competitions (where students hone their project-planning and pitching skills), and provides access to a logo designer who helps students design effective branding solutions for real-world clients and their own business concepts.

And through the Institute, students gain access to some of Rome’s most exclusive and exciting professional development events. For example, the Institute has reserved 50 seats for JCU students at the upcoming TEDxYouth Rome, a youth leadership seminar featuring video dispatches from educational-access icon and Nobel prize-winner Malala Yousafzai.

Each of these opportunities can enrich your overall experience attending university in Italy, and broaden the scope of your learning at JCU.

Take advantage of what the Institute for Entrepreneurship has to offer, and start laying the groundwork for your professional success right now, before you even graduate!

Would you like to study abroad in Rome and supplement your degree with hands on training?

Visit JCU to learn more about our programs and resources.

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