The Stories of JCU Scholarship Recipients

March 31, 2020


At John Cabot University (JCU), we believe that every student should have the opportunity to live and study abroad. To help students who may not have the means to spend a semester, a summer, or more studying in Italy, we offer a variety of scholarships.

In 2019, JCU gave more than $8.5 million to help support students, and this year, we hope to do the same. However, we cannot do it alone. Your generous gifts have a huge impact. Thanks to you, we are able to continue supporting generations of students studying in the Eternal City and give them the opportunity of becoming global citizens. Read on to hear from scholarship recipients about why your gifts matter.

Emily Cahill: “Receiving the scholarship has made a huge impact on my life academically”

“My name is Emily May, and I’m a graduate student at John Cabot pursuing my master’s degree in art history.

“I’m a recipient of one of John Cabot’s academic scholarships. Originally from the US, I have been living and studying in Rome for the past three years. As I am paying for my graduate studies on my own, receiving the scholarship has made a huge impact on my life academically, professionally, and personally. I’m lucky enough to be able to continue to study what I love in the city that has become home for me.”

Thanks to the scholarship, Emily has been able to continue studying a subject she loves in Rome


Katarina Djorovic: “I am immensely thankful to JCU for recognizing the potential in me”

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity given to me which would not be possible without the Maria Govedarica Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship has brought happiness to my whole family: my mom, grandpa, grandma, and my host family from India where I was previously on a college scholarship program. I wish to thank [JCU] on behalf of all of them. Seeing them happy makes my dream halfway complete.

“When I applied for this unique scholarship, I honestly did not believe I would be the lucky recipient, hence I am immensely thankful [to JCU] for recognizing the potential in me. This is truly a wonderful gesture that [JCU and its donors] are doing by supporting young, talented people."


study in Rome  

Lenora Biche: “If you educate a woman, you educate a nation”

“An African proverb says, ‘If you educate a woman, you educate a nation.’ I was on the verge of quitting school because I did not have enough funds to finance my education. Thanks to the Global Explorer Full Scholarship, I now have the chance to receive a sustainable education.”



Roberta Falvo: “[JCU] helped me land a variety of study and work opportunities worldwide”

“The beginning of my time at JCU was very challenging, but it allowed me to achieve the fluency in English I have now and the cultural awareness required to work in international development. Mastering the use of the English language and being able to effectively communicate across cultures has since helped me land a variety of study and work opportunities worldwide!”

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