4 Essential Skills You'll Develop When You Study Art and Design At JCU

June 30, 2023
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Students taking a Minor in Art and Design at John Cabot University can expect a thorough, comprehensive education that covers multimedia production of visual content, contemporary creative practices, and the traditions of art creation. In addition, our students develop many highly transferable soft skills that will serve them well along their chosen career path. If you’re wondering how a Minor in Art and Design could benefit you, keep reading to discover how the principles of art are all around us and how an arts education can boost your career.


1. Practice Imaginative Thinking When You Study Art and Design in Rome

Now that we’ve entered the information age, fewer individuals naturally rely on their imagination. Art starts in the mind, and the ability to think imaginatively bolsters a creator’s capacity for generating original ideas or approaching age-old subjects from a unique perspective. The process of imaginative ideation is explored at length in our minor program. Students are encouraged to think critically, exercise their ability to use their mind’s eye and develop aesthetic sensibilities. Together, these abilities bolster students’ ability to produce novel project ideas that make an impact.


Girl studying art and design takes a picture outside

Study and practice art and design in Rome to reconnect you with your imagination


Imaginative thinking doesn’t only serve artistic production. No matter what field you’re pursuing, an ability to develop interesting new ideas and innovate will stand out to employers seeking to revolutionize their organizations. This makes you a hot commodity in a world where many have lost touch with their imagination.


2. Learn How to Strategize Through Experimentation

When you study Art and Design in Rome, you’ll learn how to experiment to develop a winning strategy. While classical techniques continue to be the foundation of effective artistic creation, some of the world’s most outstanding pieces were born from the spirit of experimentation. 

In our Minor in Art and Design, students learn how to take their imaginative ideas and experiment with them to develop a strategy transformed into an interesting tangible result. This skill benefits students in all their endeavors, giving them the courage to try until they succeed. Art and Design is an interdisciplinary field encompassing all aspects of creative practice, from conception to production. It is anchored in theoretical and methodological approaches and is inherently experimental and socially engaged.


3. Our Minor in Art Will Help Students Develop Project Management Skills

Project management is an integral part of successful art practice. Coming up with a great idea and possessing the necessary technical skills is just the beginning. Developing a time frame, gathering the required materials, and separating the project into distinct steps are essential to a well-executed piece of art.


Student taking art and design in Rome plans a project outside

Studying art and design in Rome will teach you how to plan and execute a project


Project management skills come into play for all professionals across industries. Your ability to plan and execute a project from ideation to completion will foster success in any career you choose. The Minor in Art and Design offered at our American university in Italy will teach you the skills necessary to finish any project you start effectively and efficiently. 


4. Study Art and Design in Rome to Bolster Your Problem-Solving Skills

During an artistic project, there’s the potential for issues to arise. Mistakes happen, or an idea you thought would work initially could flop. This is where flexibility and creative problem-solving come into play. 

Students taking our Art and Design minor are introduced to creative problem-solving techniques by studying artistic practice that can be transferred to any career path. Indeed, this competency will serve you in your personal and professional development as you approach inevitable issues with a level-headed, pragmatic mindset.


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