3 Minors That Complement A Major In Economics At JCU

February 13, 2024
Economics major undergraduate on campus at JCU

Studying Economics and Finance at John Cabot University equips you with an in-depth understanding of the global economy's forces and skills necessary for analyzing and solving real-world financial challenges. However, pairing your Economics major with a complementary minor can help broaden your perspectives and better tailor your education to your career plans.

At John Cabot University, we’re committed to producing graduates with a versatile and well-rounded skillset. If you want to distinguish yourself in your field or give yourself more career options, here are three minors that perfectly complement your Economics major at JCU.


1. Political Science At JCU

Choosing a minor in Political Science alongside your Economics and Finance major at JCU can offer you a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between economic policies and governance. Political science investigates the structures and functions of governments, shedding light on how political decisions impact economic systems. Exploring courses in political theory, international relations, and public policy helps you gain insights into the dynamics that influence economic policies, trade agreements, and global economic cooperation.

In addition, a political science minor can equip you with a keen awareness of the socio-political factors that shape economic landscapes. As you explore political economy and the role of governments in regulating markets, you'll develop a nuanced understanding of how political institutions impact economic development and stability.


Female JCU economics undergraduate on campusA minor in political science at JCU can help you understand the nexus between governance and economic policies


2. Mathematics At John Cabot University

For those with a penchant for numbers and a desire for precision, a minor in Mathematics is the ideal companion to an Economics and Finance major at John Cabot University. At its core, economics relies heavily on quantitative analysis, and a robust mathematical foundation can significantly enhance your ability to dissect economic problems and formulate data-driven solutions.

Courses in calculus and statistics will empower you to tackle complex economic models and theories confidently. Mathematics provides the tools to analyze economic data, make predictions, and draw meaningful conclusions. Whether you're interested in econometrics, financial modeling, or economic forecasting, a Mathematics minor can be the key to unlocking the full potential of your economic analyses.


Two female JCU economics undergraduates studying in a classroomA mathematics minor at JCU can help economic majors tackle complex economic models and theories with confidence


3. International Affairs

A minor in International Affairs is particularly beneficial for economics students interested in global trade, finance, and development. This minor offers a deeper understanding of international relations, global markets, and the economic policies of different countries, as alumnus Francesco de Luca attests.

“Growing up in different places, I started to realize how complex relationships between countries that have different cultures, religions, political and economic systems can be. I became interested in making sense of these relationships, which is why I chose to focus on International Affairs. It is the study of the interactions between sovereign states and touches upon different fields, such as history, economics, and international law. Being a relatively recent field, it is in constant evolution, which makes it particularly thrilling and challenging”, he explains.

An International Affairs minor is an excellent choice for those aspiring to work in international organizations, government agencies, or multinational corporations. Courses in this minor typically cover topics such as international law, introduction to world politics, and international economics. Integrating International Affairs with Economics and Finance helps you gain a more nuanced understanding of how economic theories and models apply in a global context.


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