4 Reasons to Complete a Minor in Economics at Our University in Rome

December 6, 2023
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At John Cabot University, we’re committed to preparing our students for high-end, successful careers. For this reason, we offer a long list of dynamic, career-focussed minors to narrow students' focus and become experts in their respective fields. If you’re looking for a versatile minor that will deepen your understanding of your major and safeguard your career for the long term, look no further! 

The field of economics and finance analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of various goods and services. It is a social science that examines the financial decisions that individuals, businesses, and governments make and how resources are allocated. In many ways, economics is the foundation of each industry. This minor will give you the knowledge needed to deepen your understanding of the world, navigate market volatility, and improve your career prospects. 


1. Become a More Informed Citizen With Your Knowledge of Economics and Finance

At John Cabot, we strive to give our students a sense of global citizenship. The common saying that “money makes the world go round” isn’t far off. Economic decisions on an individual, corporate, and political level have a major impact on all aspects of life and everyone in the world. When you complete a minor in Economics at our university in Rome, you can significantly deepen your understanding of various perspectives, further enriching your liberal arts education.


A student attending university in Rome studying in the library.Studying economics and finance at our university in Rome adds context to world events


2. Build a More Resilient Career When You Understand Economics and Finance

A minor in Economics can give you insight into the economy's complexities and how various phenomena and downturns affect your industry. For example, business minors can forecast the spending habits of their target market and adjust their tactics accordingly. Political science majors can better anticipate the voting decisions of the public based on various cues from the economy. 

No matter what career path you’re pursuing, it will certainly pay off to understand the state of the economy, how it affects the world, and, as a result, how it might affect your career. Informed planning can help you protect your livelihood and pursue professional growth. 


3. Get a Well-Rounded Understanding of Economics and Finance

The minor in Economics at John Cabot University examines various aspects of the field. For example, both microeconomics and macroeconomics are covered in depth, providing a well-rounded knowledge of the field.


three students attending our university in Rome discussing on campus.Study economics and finance at our university in Rome to grasp economic principles


Microeconomics is a social science that studies the effects of financial incentives and decisions. It explores the impact of these decisions on resource allocation and how we value different products and services. Microeconomics deals with single markets and how small markets interact with one another. 

On the other hand, macroeconomics, which is covered in our minor, examines the bigger picture. It’s the study of how various markets, groups of consumers, businesses, and governments behave. Market-wide phenomena like inflation, price levels, GDP, unemployment rates, and more are studied extensively. 


4. Improve Your Career Prospects When You Study Economics and Finance at Our University in Rome

When you minor in Economics, employers in a volatile global market will value your expertise. Upon graduation, you will possess the knowledge and skills needed to help any organization in any industry navigate a range of economic phenomena. Student Francesca Yang, who completed a major in International Business and a minor in Economics at John Cabot, believes that her studies at JCU, particularly the support from her professors, prepared her adequately to be accepted into University College Dublin’s Smurfit MSc. in International Management.

She says, “All my professors have supported me in every step of my academic journey and even beyond. I would particularly like to thank three professors: Mary Merva, Alessandro Signorini, and Colin Biggs. Professor Merva’s classes (Finance and Economics) had a great impact on me because I developed my critical thinking and learned to always interpret statistics and facts with reasoning, leading me to acquire a data-driven mindset.”


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