Maximizing Your International Affairs Research Assistantship in Rome

July 3, 2024
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Embarking on a research assistantship while pursuing an International Affairs degree at John Cabot University in Rome is an enriching experience that offers invaluable academic and professional benefits. As a liberal arts college nestled in the heart of Rome, we provide a one-of-a-kind learning environment where students can immerse themselves in diverse cultural and academic experiences.

This blog will guide you on making the most of your research assistantship, leveraging the opportunities at JCU to enhance your research skills and career prospects when studying international affairs in Rome. 


Deepen Your Research Skills When You Study International Affairs in Rome

Completing a research assistantship at JCU allows you to dive into specific disciplinary areas, gaining hands-on experience in advanced research projects. These assistantships are designed to enhance research capabilities, offering a practical application of the theories and methods learned in class. By working closely with faculty members, you will learn to navigate the complexities of academic research, from data collection and analysis to presenting your findings.

Be sure to use the research assistantship to challenge yourself intellectually and gain essential research skills that apply to your future career. In a previous discussion with three of our International Affairs professors, some of the duties of a research assistant include reviewing academic manuscripts, conducting primary research, collecting data, and synthesizing your findings. These competencies are highly valuable and transferable in the field of International Affairs

When undertaking a for-credit research assistantship, you’ll earn one unit of academic credit (on a P/NP basis) for completing at least 45 work hours. This structured approach ensures you commit sufficient time and effort to your research projects, maximizing the learning experience. Use your time wisely by using every opportunity to hone your research skills.


An international affairs student reading in front of a yellow vintage carChallenge yourself when you complete an international affairs research assistantship


Valuable Mentorship From Experienced Faculty at Our University in Italy

One of the significant advantages of undertaking a research assistantship when you study International Affairs in Rome is the mentorship you receive from highly qualified professors. Faculty members such as Professors Nicholas Startin, Simone Tholens, and Bogdan Popescu bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to their roles, providing students with unique insights into the field of international affairs.

Be sure to leverage this proximity to industry experts by seeking support whenever needed and getting involved in the many events and initiatives JCU offers. Professor Tholens encourages students to: “Come to events! Come see your Professors! Establish study groups with your peers! In short, get active and dig into the privilege of being a student.”


A trio of international affairs students reading outside togetherGet involved and leverage valuable mentorship when you study international affairs in Rome


Career Enrichment and Networking Opportunities

Engaging in research at JCU significantly enriches your career prospects. As Professor Startin notes, “Up-to-date and cutting-edge research in International Relations is more important than ever given the turbulent and volatile nature of global politics.” By developing practical research skills, you become well-equipped to support informed policy-making and contribute meaningfully to the international affairs field.

Moreover, research assistantships provide excellent networking opportunities. Professors often have extensive professional networks; working closely with them can open doors to further academic and professional opportunities. Attending events, engaging with your professors, and participating in study groups with peers are excellent ways to maximize your time at JCU and build valuable connections.

A research assistantship at John Cabot University is an unparalleled opportunity to deepen your research skills, receive mentorship from experienced faculty, and enrich your career prospects in international affairs. By immersing yourself in the vibrant academic community at JCU and taking full advantage of the resources available, you can significantly enhance your educational experience and prepare for a successful career in international affairs. So, seize the opportunity, challenge yourself intellectually, and maximize your research assistantship at JCU in Rome.


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