How John Cabot University Prioritizes Health & Wellbeing

June 23, 2023
A John Cabot University student standing in campus

If you’re interested in studying in Rome, you can rest assured that our university prioritizes the health and well-being of our students. In addition to their intellectual and social development, John Cabot University takes various steps to protect our students’ physical safety, emotional well-being, and health. This year, we’ve hosted various activities and initiatives that have given students the opportunity to get informed on their wellness, take advantage of free medical services, and discuss subjects related to their health and wellness. Keep reading to see how we will help you enjoy happiness and health during your studies. 

Our University In Rome Supports Accessible Menstrual Hygiene Products 

Menstrual hygiene products are an essential right for anyone who needs them. Unfortunately, due to widespread stigma and inequality that affects the majority world disproportionately, too many go without the products they need to maintain their health and personal dignity. Starting this February, the Women’s Leadership Initiative set out to make menstrual products accessible to everyone in the John Cabot University community. This project seeks to raise awareness of period poverty – the lack of access to sanitary products, menstrual hygiene education, toilets, handwashing facilities, or waste management. Two dispensers can be found on each campus where JCU community members can access various compostable and hypoallergenic menstrual products. 


Get Informed On Your Health Status

In many ways, good health is related to a person's access to testing. For many serious diseases, the key to a decent prognosis and optimal response to medication is early diagnosis and treatment. This is certainly the case for HIV; though health outcomes have improved dramatically in recent years, early detection and antiretroviral therapy (ART) initiation saves lives. As part of our commitment to fostering physical and mental health, on February 14th, we encouraged John Cabot staff, faculty, and students to get informed about their health through HIV testing. The Office of Health and Wellbeing handed out self-test kits that detect the presence of HIV 1 and 2 antibodies.


John Cabot University student speaking with a counselor

John Cabot students are encouraged to get informed on their health through medical testing


Get Free Physiotherapy Consultations From A Professional 

At our university in Rome, we acknowledge the importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle enhanced by adequate exercise. Our students have the opportunity to participate in various athletic clubs where they can challenge themselves physically and engage in rewarding team activities. Of course, it’s easiest and safest to participate in sports when your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints function optimally. Minor and major injuries alike can cause impairments in the body’s functionality, putting you at risk for injuries and pain. To support the physical health of our community, the Office of Health and Wellbeing invited physiotherapist Dr. Guiseppe Falvella on March 13-16 and April 24-28 to give free consultations and advice.


Enjoy An Interesting Book Discussion About Consent 

In the spirit of Consent Week and Sexual Assault Awareness month, on April 17, the Office of Health and Well-Being opened a book discussion to all JCU community members. Professor Keenan discussed Katherine Angel’s book Tomorrow Sex Will Be Good Again. The book urges readers to re-evaluate the way we think about sex, pleasure, and autonomy objectively. This interesting discussion served to raise awareness of the ideological structures that perpetuate harmful beliefs that, at times, undermine consent and bodily autonomy.


John Cabot University students having a book discussion

John Cabot encourages open discussion on subjects related to mental and physical health


At John Cabot University, you are in good hands! We intend to continue fostering physical and mental health through various initiatives, activities, and services. 


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